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Hyundai Intrado Hydrogen Car Coming to Geneva

Making it possible for fuel cell technology to “take flight.”

by on Dec.11, 2013

The Hyundai Intrado Concept borrows its name from the part of a wing that enables flight.

Only weeks after announcing plans to put its first fuel-cell vehicle into production by spring, Hyundai is ready to reveal another hydrogen car concept.

And the Intrado prototype coming to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show appears to underscore how serious the Korean carmaker is about taking fuel cell technology out of the science lab and putting it onto the road.

The Intrado is more than just a technical exercise, however, the concept incorporating the second-generation Fluidic Design styling language that Hyundai recently revealed with the unveiling of its 2015 Genesis luxury sedan.

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“Hyundai Intrado envisages a motoring future that encapsulates the efficiency and freedom associated with flying,” explained Peter Schreyer, President & CDO of Hyundai Motor Group. “I believe in the power of mobility to deliver emotional as well as physical connections and this car helps us find again the joy of discovery. Intrado shows that future cars can be both relevant and exciting.”


Hyundai Debuting New Hydrogen Car in LA

Korean maker joining Honda, Toyota with new fuel-cell vehicle.

by on Nov.18, 2013

Hyundai CEO John Krafcik will introduce Hyundai's new hydrogen car in LA later this week.

Hyundai Motor America plans to be the third automaker to unveil an ultra-clean hydrogen-powered vehicle at this week’s L.A. Auto Show.

Considered by many to be the zero-emission alternative to battery power, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been regaining momentum in recent months as manufacturers like Hyundai look to overcome the limitations of current battery technology.

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“A fuel-cell car is an electric vehicle for the impatient,” said HMA Chief Executive Officer John Krafcik, who noted the introduction of fuel-cell vehicles will mean that electric propulsion will come in two different “flavors.”


Hyundai Readying Electric Vehicle for US Market

Several options available “at some point.”

by on Jun.07, 2013

Hyundai's BlueOn battery car went on sale in the Korean market late last year.

Despite its long reluctance to adopt battery power, Hyundai is apparently getting ready to bring a battery car to the U.S. market its American CEO had revealed.

Exactly what and when remains uncertain, though the maker is already selling a compact battery-electric vehicle, or BEV, called the BlueOn in South Korea. Hyundai Motor America may have no choice but to enter the electric vehicle market, however, if it is to stay on the right side of regulators in the critical California market.

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“Our primary zero-emission vehicle focus is fuel cell right now,” tweeted HMA Chief Executive John Krafcik, “but we will certainly field a BEV at some point.”


Hydrogen Power Holding On As Hyundai Prepares to Launch Fuel Cell Vehicle

But battery power dominating.

by on Dec.20, 2010

Hyundai plans to launch commercial production of a hydrogen vehicle, like this Tucson IX, by 2015.

Remember the future?  It was supposed to be hydrogen-powered.  At least that was what energy and auto industry leaders were saying for most of the past decade or so.  That was before everyone’s attention turned to lithium-powered battery cars.

Suddenly, hydrogen — and the fuel cell vehicles it was supposed to power — has dropped from the headlines.  But not from the highway.  Despite the attention being lavished on battery power, these days, and the hefty incentives being ladled out by both Washington and plenty of governments abroad, fuel cell technology is alive and well and still very well could become the truly clean and efficient technology of the future.

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Just ask Hyundai or Daimler AG.  Both automakers have made it clear they’re not giving up on hydrogen power in recent days.

The Korean maker is broadly hinting that it could bring a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to the U.S. as early as 2012, a model that it suggests would look like a downsized version of the Mercedes R-Class crossover/van.

That would likely be a test program, but the maker has also said it plans to begin commercial fuel-cell vehicle, or FCV, production by 2015.