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Hydrogen Fueled Land Speed Run Beats BMW?

The Quantum-Jesse James Team, at 199.7 mph, says it is the new land speed record holder. Well, that depends on the FIA.

by on Jun.24, 2009

An engineering "David" has prevailed for the moment over an engineering giant.

Has an engineering "David" really prevailed over the German giant, or is it an outlaw run?

A hydrogen-powered “streamliner” claims to have beaten the BMW H2R to move into the land speed record books. The H2R had posted a 186 mph top speed record during an FIA sanctioned run in Germany, which requires the speed by maintained for one mile, among other technical requirements.

So until the timing is completed, sorted, certified and accepted by sanctioning bodies, such as the FIA, the BMW apparently still holds nine records for hydrogen-fueled cars running with an internal combustion engine. Wanna bet we haven’t heard the last on this from BMW?

The Quantum car, driven by Jesse James, was clocked at 199.712 mph at El Mirage Dry Lake Bed in the Mojave Desert last week. The publicity stunt will be shown on “Jesse James Is a Dead Man” on Sunday, August 9 at 10:00 PM on Spike TV.

The run was supported by 24 Quantum hydrogen injectors that fuelled an 8-cylinder engine, provenance unspecified, which was rated at 704 horsepower. Quantum claims its patented fuel injector has been “designed, tested and validated” specifically for precision fuel metering and durable service with cleaner burning, dry gaseous fuels such as hydrogen and natural gas.

Subscribe to TheDetroitBureau.comQuantum’s gaseous fuel injectors are used in Ford’s hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles and Toyota Prius and Escape hydrogen hybrid electric vehicles, which have been developed by Quantum. All are technical curiosities right now — albeit of the advanced research sort — rather than serious alternatives to existing technology.