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Toyota Cutting Price on 2012 Camry

Maker bows to increasingly competitive market.

by on Aug.24, 2011

Toyota will cut $1,150 off the starting price of the new 2012 Camry LE Hybrid.

Today will cut the price on its updated 2012 Camry sedan by as much as $2,000, depending on the specific model – a move that reflects the increasingly competitive nature of the U.S. midsize car market, the maker acknowledged during the official launch of the new model.

That doesn’t reflect the recent run-up in Toyota’s rebates and other incentives. The maker has increased givebacks, in recent months, as it has struggled to reverse declining sales.

Few cars are as important as Camry to Toyota, the sedan topping the passenger car sales charts for the last nine years, and 13 of the last 14 years, but in recent months, demand for the Camry has been slumping, and Toyota doesn’t want to risk momentum as it begins one of its most important new product launches in years.

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“We expect Camry will continue to earn its position as America’s number-one selling passenger car,” said Toyota brand boss Bob Carter, speaking from Los Angeles at an event simulcast to media gathered in a number of cities around the country.


Toyota Ups Production – And Prices

Japanese makers and dealers taking advantage of anticipated shortages.

by on Apr.15, 2011

The Lexus RX450h has jumped nearly $3,000 in price since the beginning of the year.

After taking a 10-day break for the annual “Golden Week” holiday, Toyota plans to get its Japanese plants back into production, it says, though at a rate well below normal.

According to various estimates, Japanese makers have already lost at least 500,000 units of production due to the disaster that struck the country on March 11, killing tens of thousands and devastating Japan’s industrial infrastructure.  Production has also been impacted at so-called “transplant” assembly lines in North America, Europe and other parts of the world, Toyota, for one, planning sharp cuts in U.S. operations.

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The anticipated shortage of Japanese-made product is translating into a big increase in what American car buyers are paying, especially for high-demand models, such as the Toyota Prius, according to various groups tracking dealer pricing.

“Lexus is one the brands that’s being heavily affected because there was already tight supply before the crisis and there’s no new shipment coming in the foreseeable future. The same can also be said for both Acura and Infinti but to a lesser extent,” noted analyst Jess Toprak, of


No Price Premium For 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Move could drive up demand for gas-electric powertrain.

by on Jul.22, 2010

Lincoln plans to offer the hybrid version of its 2011 MKZ for the same price as a standard powertrain.

Lincoln will launch its new 2011 MKZ Hybrid at the same price as the conventionally-powered version of the luxury sedan, the first time an automaker has decided to forego the normal price premium for a gasoline-electric drivetrain.

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The move, which Ford Motor Co. officials suggest will be repeated on other Lincoln hybrids to come, is part of a plan to re-establish Lincoln as a serious competitor in the luxury market, something that has become all the more critical in light of Ford’s recent decision to abandon the mid-range Mercury brand, with which Lincoln had long been paired.

“We think they (customers) will be even more excited to learn they sacrifice nothing to be able to go green in style,” said John Felice, general manager of Ford and Lincoln Marketing.