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Marty’s Marketing Minutia

Pragmatism, Potential and Pleasure

by on Jun.12, 2009

Ford First Sponsor of New African-American Web Site

The Grio home pageMajor causalities of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings of GM and Chrysler have been the loss of what is euphemistically called Minority Dealers and concurrently minority advertising budgets.  A loss noted by many minority leaders, including notable African-Americans. 

But kudos should be awarded to Ford Motor Company, long a champion of minority programs, for becoming the debut sponsor of NBC Universal’s new web site,, a site appealing to African-Americans.

The new site will focus on news and video aimed at African-Americans and will act partly as an aggregator, gathering content from resources stretching from NBC News to its owned-and-operated stations to

Nielsen said Monday that ad dollars in the African-American TV sector increased 7.9% in the first quarter, while all other media segments showed no growth

Crystal Worthem, multicultural marketing manager at Ford, said the company’s sponsorship provides a presence “within a medium that directly speaks to the African-American consumer.”

David Wilson, Grio managing editor, said: “ is the first video-centric news community site devoted to providing African-Americans with stories and perspectives that appeal to them but are underrepresented in existing national news outlets.”

Best Crowning of a Champion Commercial

At last the “I’m going to Disneyland” commercials mouthed by the MVP’s of professional baseball, football, basketball and maybe even hockey championships has been dethroned … by tennis!

Winning the famous French Open in three straight sets, Roger Federer tied the number of Grand Slams won by Pete Sampras and become the sixth man to win all four slams – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open – played on three different surfaces.

It was a historical event, and at the first commercial break following the award ceremony Net Jets ran this spot. Classy, very, very classy for a very classy champion.    (more…)