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Honda Goes Retro-Futuristic With Sports EV Concept

Add an “emotion engine” to the motors driving its wheels.

by on Oct.25, 2017

The Honda Sports EV concept is a 2-seater that harkens back to some of the maker's early models.

We’ve grown accustomed, over the decades, to seeing some wild and wacky concept vehicles at the biennial Tokyo Motor Show, and the Honda Sports EV Concept holds true to form. It looks a bit like the love child of an old Ford Mustang and one of the peculiar Kei minicars the Japanese have fallen in love with.

But what it really signifies is Honda’s increasing shift in focus as the latest in a series of distinctive battery-electric vehicle show cars, following the debut of the boxy Urban EV Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show barely two months ago.

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And while there may be a lot of retro cues in the Sport EV’s design – you might also think of the early Honda S600 and 1300 Coupe models – the Tokyo show car is anything but a paean to the past. It incorporates the latest in artificial intelligence, claims Honda, including an “emotion engine” meant to monitor the driver’s moods and reactions and, if need be, step in to keep everyone happy and safe.


Honda Planning “New Enhancements” to Civic; 2014 Coupe Debuting at SEMA

New roadster also set for preview at Tokyo Motor Show.

by on Oct.25, 2013

Honda is promising to reveal some important changes to the Civic line-up at SEMA -- including this 2014 version of the Civic Si Coupe.

Honda has a pair of significant announcements planned for next month, including what it calls “new enhancements” for the compact Civic line-up due to debut at the upcoming SEMA Show, while a new roadster is coming at November’s biennial Tokyo Motor Show.

In order of significance – certainly from a sales standpoint – the 2014 Civic is the more important of the two new products. And it arrives at an important time considering Honda’s offering will be squaring off against an all-new Toyota Corolla.

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But the Honda S660 also stands out – if for no other reason than the rarity of convertibles within the Japanese maker’s line-up over the decades.  We haven’t seen one from Honda since the old S2000 was pulled from production a few years back. That said, the new model is cautiously being described by that catch-all phrase, “concept,” so it remains to be seen if it will be put into production – or where it would be sold.


Revolution on Wheels: Honda’s New Hybrid SH-AWD System

Maker looking to transform its powertrain line-up.

by on Dec.08, 2011

Honda is coming up with a 3-motor hybrid version of its SH-AWD system

It’s been a tough year for Honda: earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, production shortages.  And bad reviews.  The maker has taken a series of dings from the likes of Consumer Reports, no less, which panned its latest Civic model.  In some ways, that’s worse than the sharp downturn in Honda earnings in recent months. spent the better part of a week with mid-level and senior executives, all the way up to President and CEO Takanobu Ito to get an inside look at the company’s turnaround plans – which include a rapid fix of the much-maligned new Honda Civic.  But much of the effort revolves around a dramatic transformation of the Honda powertrain line-up. This is, after all, a company that likes to say it’s in the business of building engines, first and foremost.

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The new line-up includes both advanced gasoline and alternative propulsion systems – one of the most intriguing being a gas-electric version of Honda’s innovative Super Handling-All-Wheel-Drive system, or SH-AWD, a 3-motor system that we had a chance to take for the proverbial spin on the Twin-Ring Motegi race track a few hours outside Tokyo.


High-Tech Honda AC-X To Influence Next Accord

But don’t expect its twin-lever steering anytime soon.

by on Dec.01, 2011

The Honda AC-X body reportedly bears some strong similarities to the next-gen Accord.

It just might be the perfect car for the videogame generation – though the Honda AC-X concept should also appeal to those who don’t like driving at all.

Short for Advanced Cruiser Experience, the concept on the Honda stand at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show is subtly reminiscent of the maker’s current FCV fuel-cell vehicle, which has been leasing in Southern California, but the Honda AC-X turns to a plug-in hybrid drive system while introducing a variety of features meant to improve fuel-efficiency and explore new methods of driving.

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That includes the Twin-Lever Steering system, or TLS, which replaces the long-familiar steering wheel with two joysticks.  They fold away if a driver switches the AC-X to autonomous mode, which would allow someone to get a few minutes extra sleep during the morning commute.


First Look: Honda EV-Ster

Japanese maker provides tantalizing hint of what it may have coming.

by on Nov.30, 2011

Honda's electric sports car concept, the EV-Ster.

It’s just a concept.  It’s just a concept. That, at least, is what Honda is officially calling the EV-Ster, the show car making its debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.  But you certainly should anticipate seeing some of the basic technology under its sexy hood reaching market in the not very distant future, company officials broadly hint.

The Honda news conference in Tokyo disappointed some who had been hoping to see a long-anticipated revival of the maker’s extreme NSX sports car.  That will likely have to wait until the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

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If anything, the EV-Ster is a bit closer to the old Honda S2000, a more modest and affordable sports car that would pick up on the Honda brand’s historical emphasis on performance.

The goal was to create a look that expresses speediness at the same time as sustainable mobility,” said Honda design exec Ichiro Tobisawa.


Honda to Reveal Battery Sports Car in Tokyo

“What makes people feel good?”

by on Nov.11, 2011

Honda will introduce this EV Sports Car Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda will put the emphasis on battery power when it rolls into the Tokyo Motor Show next month with seven different concept vehicles – including a sports car – running on electric motors.

The maker’s display, using the too-cute them, “What makes people feel good?”, will feature a mix of automotive concepts and production motorcycles, covering much of the breadth of the Honda transportation line-up – along with a “smart home” system using the maker’s solar power technology.

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On the automotive side, look for what the maker has, for the moment, saddled with the descriptive, if dull, name, Small Sports EV Concept.  Too bad, as the image seen here is quite striking, with its low-slung nose, deeply sculpted body panels and what appears to be a targa-style roof.