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Honda Planning Major Redesign of New Civic

Subcompact hammered by critics.

by on Nov.01, 2011

Honda will race a redesign of the much-criticized new Civic to market ASAP.

It has not been a very good year, according to John Mendel, Honda of America’s top U.S. executive. Not only has the maker been hammered by a series of production cuts – the latest the result of flooding in Thailand – but one of its most important products has received a critical drubbing from the media and a tepid response from potential buyers.

That will send the maker’s designers and engineers back to work to come up with a significant “refresh” of the 2012 Honda Civic, reports Automotive News, which should be ready to go to market in time for the 2013 model-year.

“We take feedback seriously, regardless of who it’s from, and we will act accordingly quickly,” John Mendel, American Honda executive vice president, said in an interview in San Diego, where the maker is revealing another critical new model, the 2012 Honda CR-V.

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Suggesting the maker is “appropriately energized,” Mendel said Honda is hoping to act as quickly as possible to address criticism of the latest-generation Civic.  The question is how much can be done in short order.  The 2012 version of the compact Civic was the result of a 6-year gestation and normally Honda spends at least three years to develop a mid-cycle update.


First Look: 2012 Honda Pilot

New design, better mileage.

by on Aug.31, 2011

The 2012 Honda Pilot was briefly delayed by Japan's March quake and tsunami.

Honda has finally pulled the covers off the new 2012 Pilot, one of the market’s most popular 3-row crossover vehicles.

Somewhat surprisingly, the changes to the 2012 Honda Pilot appear to emphasize a more traditionally boxy SUV-style shape for its makeover, even as other makers are adopting softer, more CUV designs.

The big news for the new model-year is that Pilot’s highway fuel efficiency jumps to 25 miles per gallon on front-wheel-drive models, an increase of 2 mpg.  That would make the 2012 Honda Pilot the most fuel-efficient model in the 8-passenger crossover segment, the maker boasts.


There had been some concern about the roll-out of Honda’s upcoming products — the CR-V being delayed by several months due to the March 11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  Resultant parts shortages slammed the maker just after it launched the new 2012 Honda Civic, for example, which will effectively be re-launched for the new model-year.  The good news for Pilot fans is that it’s hitting market on time, despite Honda’s challenges.