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Honda Using YouTube for Civic Si Reveal

Automaker aims to connect directly with potential Millennial buyers.

by on Apr.03, 2017

A concept version of the 10th-gen Honda Civic Si debuting at the 2016 LA Auto Show.

In another sign that the times, they are a’changing, Honda is turning to YouTube to reveal the production version of the new Civic Si on April 6, rather than waiting for next week’s New York International Auto Show.

Honda did go a more conventional route when it unveiled the Civic Si Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November. But it only showed off a modestly disguised version of the Si Coupe. It’s kept everyone guessing about what the sedan version will look like.

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Automakers are increasingly open to novel ways to get the message out, rather than having to fight for attention on crowded show floors. And so, with tech-savvy Millennials and Gen-Xers the target audience for the latest Civic variant, the YouTube launch is expected to connect directly with potential buyers for the 2017 Si.


Best of Geneva: The 10 Top Intros to Check Out

A Swiss fondue full of intriguing new concept and production models.

by on Mar.10, 2017

The Aston Martin Valkyrie takes the British brand into a new realm of performance and is among the top 10 "must see" vehicles in Geneva.

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show media days are over and it’s time for the motor buying public to start streaming into the big PALExpo convention center. But what should they be looking at?

With a doubled-up news conference schedule, more than 75 new and updated cars and crossovers made their debut in the City by the Lake. (Notice we left out trucks, as they have no measurable presence in Europe.)

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Trying to decide which are our favorites is no easy feat considering the raw numbers and the wide range of product segments they represent. But after a fair bit of debate, here are the 10 (well, actually, 11) that really moved the needle for us during our visit to Geneva. (more…)

Honda Muscles Up With Civic Type R

Most powerful version yet for compact mainstay.

by on Mar.08, 2017

After a long wait, U.S. buyers will soon be able to order the latest Honda Civic Type R makeover.

The Honda Civic Type R, the long-awaited capper to the automaker’s ever-popular compact model range, has finally made its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Honda has been rolling out a procession of new Civic variants over the last two years, the hatchback version making its first appearance in Geneva a year ago. But no model has generated more of a buzz than the Type R, which will finally make it to the U.S. market come late spring 2017.

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The five-door model, equipped with a 306-hp turbocharged four, will become the fastest version of the Honda Civic ever to reach U.S. shores, and Honda hopes it will help it challenge such serious competitors as the Ford Focus ST and Volkswagen Golf R.


Honda Surprises in Paris with Type-R Debut

New hot hatch expected to be sold in U.S. for first time ever.

by on Sep.29, 2016

The hot hatch market just got a new competitor with the debut of Honda's Civic Type-R.

The Honda news conference at this year’s Paris Motor Show is supposed to be all about the next-generation Civic Hatchback. But it doesn’t take a trained eye to notice another Civic spin-off sharing the stand.

Officially, that Civic Type-R is just a concept vehicle. But expect to see only some modest changes when the compact rocket rolls into showrooms next year, completing the launch of the broadest line-up of Civic variants in Honda history.


The Japanese maker isn’t saying much about the new Type-R beyond noting that it will be based off the same global platform as the rest of the ninth-generation Civic line-up. The current version rides a platform used in Europe but not the United States. (more…)

Honda Aims to Pull a Coup with Civic Coupe

Wider, roomier, sportier than the outgoing two-door.

by on Nov.17, 2015

The 2016 Honda Civic Coupe makes its debut in LA with development leader John Hwang and designer Guy Melville Brown.

Saying “Honda Civic” is something of a misnomer. There’s actually a big family of Civic models, and that line-up is about to get bigger over the next 18 months with the addition of new versions like the first-ever U.S. version of the Civic Type-R.

The roll-up got underway in earnest this week, Honda rolling out the completely redesigned 2016 Civic Coupe. The two door model picks up on the design theme launched with the all-new Honda Civic Sedan earlier this year, adding some of its own sporty cues.

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“I think our customers are going to be utterly surprised by what this new Coupe delivers in terms of refinement, safety, efficiency and fun-to-drive performance,” said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president of American Honda, during a media preview of the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe a day before its formal unveiling at the L.A. Auto Show.


Honda Set to Reveal Civic Coupe in L.A.

Clarity fuel-cell vehicle to make U.S. debut.

by on Nov.11, 2015

The Honda Civic Concept made a surprise debut at the 2015 New York Auto Show last April.

Honda has a lot coming for Civic fans, with a wide range of body and performance variants set to join the sedan version of the 2016 Honda Civic that officials begins rolling into U.S. showrooms on November 12th.

And the next variant on tap, the 2016 Civic Coupe, will make its debut a week from now at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It will be joined on stage by the next-generation fuel-cell vehicle, the Honda Clarity, which got its global send-off at the Tokyo Motor Show barely two weeks ago.

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“The second in a line of new 10th-generation Civic models that will be launching over the next 18 months,” the maker boasts that the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe “elevates sporty styling and dynamic performance.”


Honda Previews New Hydrogen Car, Civic Type-R, Other Debuts Coming to Tokyo

Assortment of intros ranges from practical to decidedly wacky.

by on Sep.30, 2015

The new, turbo-powered Honda Type R coming to Tokyo will be the most powerful Civic ever.

Few automotive events cover more ground than the biennial Tokyo Motor Show, which has a history of introducing products ranging from the practical to the downright wacky. And if the Honda exhibit is any indication, the November gathering will live up to expectations.

Offering a few hints of what it has in store for Tokyo Motor Show-goers next month, Honda plans to pull the wraps off the next-generation Odyssey minivan, as well as a new version of its only recently launched hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. The exhibit will include sports and track models like the new Acura NSX and quirky 2&4 Concept, and will look at alternative mobility solutions with the Wander Stand and Wander Walker Concepts.

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The Tokyo show has, over the years, seen some pretty odd and exotic concepts designed to excite visitors – appropriately, in Japanese, translated into “waku waku.” That’s included past Honda models such as one that looked almost like a telephone booth on wheels.


Honda Drops Triple Surprise as it Debuts All-New Civic

Maker also confirms plans to bring European 5-door Civic Type R to US.

by on Apr.01, 2015

The new Honda Civic Concept debuting in NY.

There was widespread speculation Honda would serve up some surprises during its New York Auto Show news conference, but the Japanese maker handily outdid expectations.

Perhaps the biggest news – and the biggest surprise – was the announcement that Honda would launch an all-new version of its long-popular Civic model later this year, with its American design and engineering team taking the lead in the project. The new model also will be the first U.S. product line to offer a new turbocharged engine developed as part of Honda’s Earth Dreams powertrain program.

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Honda also confirmed widespread rumors that it would introduce the European-made Civic Type-R, a five-door “hot hatchback” that, only a few months ago had indicated was not coming to the American market.

“We’re adding an exclamation point” to the news, said the maker’s top U.S. executive, John Mendel, during a media briefing at the Jacob Javits convention center.


European Honda Civic Hatch and Type R Could be US-Bound

Hot hatch buyers could benefit from strong dollar, weak European sales.

by on Mar.20, 2015

Honda introduced the Civic Type R in Geneva.

Honda generated plenty of buzz when it unveiled the new Civic Type R in Geneva earlier this month – though it was more like a chorus of groans here in the U.S. when the maker said it had no plans to bring the hot hatch to the States.

Well, that might be about to change. According to a report out of Japan, Honda apparently is rethinking its decision. It appears quite likely American buyers will soon have the opportunity to buy the standard-issue hatchback which would be imported from a plant in England. And the Civic Type R could also be U.S.-bound.

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“We’ve made no announcements,” stressed Steve Kinkade, a Detroit-based Honda spokesman. But he also would not discuss the Japanese maker’s plans for its news conference at the upcoming New York Auto Show.


Honda Civic Type R Makes its Debut

Lap record holder for Nurburgring has no plans to come to US market.

by on Mar.04, 2015

Honda introduced the Civic Type R in Geneva.

Getting over to Switzerland for the annual Geneva Motor Show can be a wonderful experience checking out all the latest sheet metal. But there’s a downside when you discover a hot new model that won’t be coming back home.

Such is the case with the new Honda Civic Type R, a pint-sized performance car likely to set hearts to flutter for many U.S. buyers.

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How fast is it? Honda is claiming that a prototype version lapped grueling North loop of the Nurburgring in just 7:50.63, about four seconds faster than the previous record for a front-drive car set last year on the Nordschleife by a Renault Megane RS. If you focus on launch times, it reportedly can launch to 100 kmh, or 62.5 mph, in 5.7 seconds.