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Honda Unveils 3R-C at Geneva

Three-wheeled “urban transport” concept.

by on Mar.02, 2010

Not quite car, not quite motorcycle, Honda brings the unusual 3R-C urban transport concept to the Geneva Motor Show.

The emphasis is on small and clean at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.  But it would be difficult to downsize much more than Honda’s 3R-C concept.  The automaker calls it an “urban transport” vehicle for one, but it looks something like what you might find in a manga, one of Japan’s ever-popular comic books.

The basic design suggests the folks at Honda motorcycles might have gotten involved in the development of this three-wheeler.  A clear canopy serves as a sort of enveloping windshield when the 3R-C is in motion, but when the concept is parked, that glass lowers to completely seal off the vehicle.

Geneva News!

The driver sits low within the Honda 3R-C, surrounded by the high sides of what Honda dubs the “safety shell.”  It both reduces the dangers of a collision and provides additional protection from the elements.