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First Drive: 2013 BMW M5

Making the best even better.

by on Sep.23, 2011

Our European correspondent Henny Hemmes gets behind the wheel of the new BMW M5.

When the first BMW M5 was introduced, back in 1984, it was the fastest production sedan in the world, largely hand-built on the same chassis as the 535 but given the modified M1 engine under the hood.

Time and again, each generation of M5 has gotten a bit more powerful and a bit faster, gen-two featuring a straight six engine and, in 1998, the third generation getting a V-8.  It seemed like BMW would have a hard time topping the 2004 remake, with its superb V-10.  And complicating the challenge: a steady stream of new offerings from Audi and Mercedes-Benz AMG that have stretched the limits of performance beyond what once seemed possible in all but the most exotic supercars.

Get Behind the Wheel!

But BMW has given no signs of retreating.  Barely a month ago, got its first look at the fifth-generation BMW M5 out on the Laguna Seca Raceway.  (For that report, Click Here.) Sadly, it was a static display, the Bavarians tantalizing us with some impressive numbers but letting us wait until now to get behind the wheel.

Which is precisely, finally what we had a chance to do this week – though this time at Europe’s Ascari Race Resort, a beautiful and technically challenging race track which features plenty of bends and a long straight that seemed perfectly suited to the latest offering to wear the legendary BMW M badge.