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Waymo Teams Up With Avis, Apple With Hertz in Autonomous Vehicle Push

Volvo expands its autonomous alliance with Autoliv with addition of graphics tech firm Nvidia.

by on Jun.27, 2017

Avis will handle the basic storage and maintenance for Waymo's Phoenix ride-sharing program.

Waymo, the autonomous vehicle spin-off from Google, has signed a deal with Avis to have the daily rental giant manage some of the self-driving vehicles it is operating in the Phoenix area as part of a ride-share test program.

Apple, meanwhile, is reportedly teaming up with Avis rival Hertz program, in this case to lease a handful of Lexus SUVs that it will modify as part of its own autonomous vehicle project – something that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently described as “the mother of all AI projects.”

Come Along for the Ride!

In the race to get autonomous, along with more advanced driverless, vehicles on the road within the next decade, established automakers and tech firms alike are lining up to find partners that can help accelerate their development programs.


Hertz Offers “Rent a Racer” Again with new Shelby GT-H

Company first teamed with Carol Shelby 50 years ago.

by on May.18, 2016

The Rent-a-Racer program is back at Hertz. For $500 a day, you can drive a 435-horsepower beast.

Want to go racing, but don’t have a track-ready car or the cash handy to buy one. No problem. Head over to Hertz and, assuming you can pass the background check, you can scream off the lot in the latest iteration of the Shelby GT-H.

That’s right. Fill out the form, slide them your credit card number and for $500 a day, you could tool – or jet – around town in a 435-horsepower Carol Shelby-inspired muscle car.

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Hertz is once again teaming with performance car outfitter Shelby American to bring back its super-sized Ford Mustang, the Shelby GT-H. Clad in their tradition black with two gold racing stripes, Hertz is renting 140 of the cars, at 17 Hertz airport rental locations. (more…)

Hertz, Penske Racing Team up on Special Mustang Model

Special performance car only available for rental customers.

by on Jul.05, 2013

The Hertz Penske GT is a customized Mustang only available through 180 rental car locations.

If your idea of a rental car is something stripped-down and so slow it can barely get out of its own way you may be in for a surprise next time you visit a Hertz rental counter.

The number one daily rent-a-car company is teaming up with Penske Racing to create a limited-edition Ford Mustang that will join the new Adrenaline Collection of performance cars.  Intended to let customers “Relive the 60’s and 70’s muscle era,” according to the Hertz website, the Adrenaline Collection already includes the Chevrolet Camaro SS and the Dodge Challenge R/T.

The Hertz Penske GT, as it’s been dubbed, is clearly not your typical rental car.  It starts out life as a 420-horsepower Shelby GT but then gets a major makeover by the Penske team, which bolts on a modified air intake and freer-breathing exhaust.  The engine computer gets a new chip that allows increased performance.  The transmission gets a more aggressive set of gears. And the final touch is a set of Brembo brakes.

The Last Word!

The partners aren’t releasing final horsepower numbers, but a few industry watchers polled by suggest that all those modifications should readily push the Hertz Penske GT over the 500-hp mark, if not higher.


Hertz To Rent Smart Electric Cars

Rental company planning a fleet of battery cars.

by on Dec.06, 2010

A Smart Electric Drive cruises New York.

Want to see if you can live with an electric vehicle? Your first step may be to check the fleet at your local Hertz rental office.  The nation’s largest daily rental company is charging into the emerging battery car market, and plans to add the new Smart Electric Drive model to its fleet, starting next week.

Hertz has already signed deals with a variety of other battery car makers, ranging from the start-up Coda to more established manufacturers that include Nissan, General Motors and Toyota.

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Industry experts are divided over the potential market for battery-electric vehicles, especially in the U.S., where so-called “range anxiety” is a factor for buyers used to being able to drive long distances whenever they want.  So, placing products in a rental fleet, like Hertz, can provide a way for potential buyers to try before they buy.