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Fritz Henderson’s Daughter Takes Aim at Whitacre

Profanity-laced Facebook message on father’s ouster from GM.

by on Dec.02, 2009

Ousted GM's daughter aims to set the record straight.

Ousted GM CEO Fritz Henderson's daughter aims to set the record straight.

Was he pushed?  Did he jump?

We members of the chattering class might otherwise spend weeks debating why General Motors CEO “resigned” on Tuesday.  Or at least we would have had the 51-year-old executive’s daughter, Sarah Henderson, not weighed in with a blunt and profanity-laced, er, clarification of the day’s events.

Cleaning up the missive, posted on Facebook isn’t easy, but in brief, Ms. Henderson stated, “He f…ing got asked to step down all of you idiots. IM Fritz’s f…ing daughter and he did not f…ing resign.  Whitacre is a selfish piece of s…, who cares about himself and not the f…ing company.  Have fun with GM, I hope to never buy from this god forsaken company again.  F… all of you.

Your Inside Source!

Your Inside Source!

Ouch.  We’ll suggest that if you prefer a full and complete transcript you turn to the report by the folks who broke the story, our less self-censoring colleagues at Jalopnik.