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Hatchback Comeback

Automakers hope 3- and 5-door models can slow the SUV onslaught.

by on Aug.25, 2017

SUVs and crossovers seems to be dominating the market, but automakers are investing in hatchbacks, like the Elantra GT, as an alternative.

Can anything stop the steady growth of SUVs? Utility vehicles sales have risen dramatically since the end of the Great Recession, largely at the expense of sedans and coupes. But Hyundai, for one, is hoping to slow down that juggernaut and it’s turning to an unlikely SUV alternative: the hatchback.

Once a staple of the American market, hatchbacks were wildly popular back in the 1970s and ’80s, but demand slacked off, in part due to problems like water leaks and road noise. A few years ago, a hatchback fan would’ve struggled to find one on a U.S. dealer lot. But three- and five-door models are starting to regain some momentum as a growing number of brands reintroduce them to their line-ups, including Chevrolet, Honda and, now, Hyundai.

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The Korean carmaker is just launching sales of the Elantra GT and Elantra GT Sport, and “I definitely hope they can prevent more migration” to sport-utility vehicles and crossover-utility vehicles, said Mike Evanoff, Elantra product planning manager, during a media briefing in the Detroit suburb of Ann Arbor on Thursday. (more…)

Chevy Adding Cruze Hatch

Five-door original designed for European market.

by on Jan.07, 2016

Chevrolet announced it would be adding a hatchback to its 2017 Cruze line-up in the United States.

Chevrolet has confirmed long-running rumors that it will bring its five-door Cruze model to the U.S. for the 2017 model-year.

Frequently seen running around the Motor City in thinly camouflaged form, the hatchback version of the Chevrolet Cruze was originally developed for the European market, where five-door models are as dominant as sedans are in the U.S. passenger car market.

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The arrival of the Cruze five-door comes as more and more manufacturers rethink the potential U.S. market. It has long been accepted as gospel that Americans don’t like hatchbacks, but a number of recent offerings have challenged that assumption. (more…)

Chevy Readying to Offer Cruze Hatchback in US

Next generation model following lead of others.

by on Jun.22, 2015

While not confirmed, Chevrolet appears to be ready to introduce Cruze hatchback to U.S. shores.

Chevrolet is looking to right a wrong in its product line-up by adding a hatchback to the next generation Cruze portfolio of compacts.

The Cruze may have been slated to have a hatchback in its stable of coupes and sedans, but GM product chief Mark Reuss has called the omission of a Cruze hatchback for the U.S. “a pre-bankruptcy planning mistake.” While the automaker hasn’t acknowledged the addition publicly, Automotive News reported the vehicle was shown to dealers last week.

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The automaker hasn’t offered a compact car as a hatchback since 1987 when you could get the Chevy Cavalier – the first generation of the Cavalier – in that version. (more…)