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Yoostabee: Harry Truman and Chrysler

Former President had very specific tastes

by on Feb.02, 2009

Harry Truman takes Chrysler out for an ice cream cone

Harry Truman takes Chrysler out for an ice cream cone

A friend in Detroit’s Automotive Press Association emailed me a paean
to President Harry S. Truman, which got me to thinking about HST’s
love of Chryslers.

A few years ago, the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri, and
Chrysler (under whatever corporate name it had at the time) got
together, found Truman’s two 1941 Chryslers, restored them and they
are now on display, In those still-salad-days for the auto industry,
Chrysler came up with $120,000 for the project. (Presidential
Libraries and Museums, in case you didn’t know, are built and
equipped by private fund-raising, but the Federal government takes
care of upkeep.)

With a fair amount of diligence, you can find information about the
two 1941s on the Truman Library’s website. But I’ll save you the
trouble, because it requires a little interpretation.