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Americans Admit to Dangerous Behaviors While Driving

Poll shows more people recognizing distracted driving.

by on Jun.20, 2014

Americans appear to be taking a harsher view of what constitutes distracted driving, although they're not as stringent with their own behavior.

The increase in what Americans define as dangerous behavior while driving continues to become more stringent, but their resolve to stop these behaviors isn’t growing at the same rate.

A recent Harris Poll shows that people are taking a harsher view on drinking while driving and distracted driving. In fact, 94% of Americans believe that driving after having three or more drinks is dangerous, while 68% feel the same way about having one or two drinks.

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However, knowing what’s wrong and doing something about it are two different things. (more…)

Four of Five Drivers Admit to Distracted Driving Behavior

Men (surprise!) admit to being the worst offenders.

by on Jun.27, 2012

Government data reveals that while highway fatalities are declining, distracted driving deaths are up..

If you’ve ever texted while driving or sent out a Tweet, well, you aren’t alone.  In fact, you’re far from the minority, it seems.  A new Harris Poll reveals that more than four out of five motorists admit to making some sort of distracted driving behavior in a typical month.

Men, it turns out, are more likely to engage in this potentially dangerous behavior, according to the latest Harris AutoTechCast study, particularly when it comes to taking or making a phone call.  Younger motorists are more likely to do things like texting.

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Some of the behaviors might not normally land on a list of dangerous activities, such as drinking a beverage, but the risky behaviors begin to add up – to an average 37 different distracted driving activities over the last month, according to Harris Interactive, which conducted the poll.


Honda Named Automotive Brand of the Year

Surges past Ford, Toyota in new Harris Poll.

by on Jun.26, 2012

Despite some early criticism, the 2012 Honda Civic has helped the maker recover from recent problems.

Honda is the strongest automotive brand in the U.S. market, according to a new Harris Poll, surging past such perennial leaders as Ford and Toyota.  Meanwhile, Mercedes is the top luxury brand, according to the 2012 Harris EquiTrend study.

Honda’s surge to the top, toppling last year’s leader Ford, is significant considering the challenges the maker has been facing.  It is still recovering from last year’s inventory shortages that followed Japan’s devastating March earthquake and tsunami, and it has been hammered by mixed reviews of recent product updates, such as the 2012 Civic remake – while also suffering from a series of image-damaging recalls.

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Nonetheless, Honda received the highest score of any automaker based on a survey of thousands of American motorists.  The study looked at such factors as brand awareness and perceptions about quality and purchase consideration.