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Auto Industry’s Reputation on Mend

Makers seen in better light than airlines – but well behind supermarkets and search engines.

by on Sep.26, 2011

The auto industry's reputation has improved sharply, according to a new Harris Poll.

After having hit bottom two years ago during the bankruptcy of General Motors and Chrysler, the reputation of the auto industry has rebounded.

A new Harris Poll judging public attitude towards 22 large industries indicated what was described as a “huge improvement” in the number of people who think the automobile industry is doing a good job of serving consumers.

At the same time, there was a very large increase in those giving the airline industry bad marks, according to the poll, which was based on interviews with nearly 2,000 Americans last month.


One key measure, the difference between those who think the auto industry is doing a good and a bad job of serving their consumers, shows a 36-point improvement, from plus 6 to plus 42 for the car industry.  By comparison, there was a 27-point decline, from plus 34 to plus 7 for airlines.