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Swiss Firm To Use Tesla Roadsters For Eco-Tourism

Formula One driver wants to offer some performance to green-minded travelers.

by on Oct.11, 2010

Former F1 driver Erik Comas with anew Tesla Roadster, one of 5 for his new Green Car Challenge.

There are plenty of eco-minded tour operators who’ll send you to a tree house in Costa Rica and maybe provide a bicycle for transportation.  But Formula One driver Erik Comas wants to appeal to those who still like a thrill behind the wheel while doing something that’s reasonably friendly to the environment.

He’s launching a new program, called the Green Car Challenge, which will let like-minded vacationers tackle some of the world’s most scenic – and challenging — roadways while driving cars that leave little more than tire prints behind.

Comas, who raced the F1 circuit from 1991 to 1994, has acquired five Tesla Roadsters for his new company.  They will be used for multi-day tours through the Swiss Alps and the French countryside.

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“I love nature, but I also love cars.  The good thing about the Tesla is you can still enjoy quick cars and yet be friendly with the environment,” Comas said during an interview with

While he continued racing after he retired from the Formula One circuit, Comas began a tourism business aimed at a combination of motor sport wannabes and corporate groups looking for a way to encourage team-building and bonding.