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Big News: Subaru Reveals Grand Outback

Bigger is better, and that's no joke...maybe.

by on Apr.01, 2011

Bigger is better?

It’s that season when manufacturers start unveiling the coming model-year’s products.  And while some press releases require hours of reading to get to the pertinent facts.  However, Subaru’s missive revealing today’s surprise launch of the “Grand” Outback was so well written and succinct we found it impossible to do anything but offer the maker’s release intact:

In a bid to continue its record-setting sales streak, Subaru of America today announced the debut of a new model, the Subaru “Grand” Outback.

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The new model will be identical in looks to the current best-selling model but will be 50% bigger in every dimension.  This means that wheelbase increases from 107.9” to 166”, track is up from 61” to 90” and ground clearance up from an already class-leading 8.7” to 13”.

Subaru’s rationale behind the “Grand” Outback is simple: Its current generation of vehicles grew by 20% and corresponding sales grew by 50%.  Thus, by making Outback 50% larger still, Subaru can logically expect sales to more than double.