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GM’s Robo-Glove Could Ease Workload in Space and on Assembly Line

Like wearing a robot hand.

by on Mar.13, 2012

Robo-Glove could significantly reduce repetitive stress disorders on an assembly line - while making it easier to work in space.

It may be rocket science, but General Motors says a new robotic glove it’s developing with NASA has some seriously practical applications down on Earth.

Formally known as the Human Grasp Assist, the system is a spin-off of the Robonaut 2 project, a human-like robot GM helped develop that’s now operating on the International Space Station, or ISS.  Known internally as Robo-Glove, the prototype is intended to make it easier to hold something in your grip longer and more comfortably.

The system could be used by space-walking astronauts as well as workers on the assembly line, says Dana Komin, GM’s manufacturing engineering director, Global Automation Strategy and Execution.

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“When fully developed, the Robo-Glove has the potential to reduce the amount of force that an auto worker would need to exert when operating a tool for an extended time or with repetitive motions,” explains Komin. “In so doing, it is expected to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injury.”