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GM Down to 825,000 Recalled Vehicles Left to Fix

Automaker uses unconventional methods to get owners to bring cars to dealers.

by on Dec.01, 2014

GM is down to less than 1 million vehicles needing repairs related to its ignition switch recall this year.

General Motors claims it has less than 1 million cars left to fix of the 2.36 million it recalled for a faulty ignition switch that has caused 36 deaths and 39 injuries in the U.S.

The total number has been reduced from 2.59 million by the automaker due to scrappage or vehicles that are no longer traceable by registration, according to GM.

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So in the U.S., the total number is down to 1.96 million. The company said its dealers have completed the repairs in 58.1% or 1.14 million vehicles. This leaves less than 825,000 vehicles needing repairs. (more…)

Your Next GM Car Could Alert You Before it Breaks Down

Maker developing “active, preventive maintenance system.”

by on Nov.14, 2014

The next version of the Chevy Impala may alert you to a possible mechanical problem before it happens.

If you haven’t just gotten your driver’s license last week, odds are you’ve faced that mysterious and inexplicable “Check Engine” light at least once or twice, leaving you the choice of heading to the dealer or ignoring the indicator, hoping the bulb might burn out.  Then again, you might have gotten no warning whatsoever when your battery died or a water pump failed.

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General Motors is developing an “active, preventive maintenance” system that could avoid such headaches by giving a motorist a detailed alert before something on the vehicle breaks, says the maker’s global product development chief.

“We’re testing the system now with our employees,” noted Mark Reuss, during a lunchtime interview.