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GM Fund Denies 91 Percent of Ignition Recall Claims

Automaker faces hundreds of wrongful death lawsuits.

by on Aug.25, 2015

GM's compensation fund for victims of its faulty ignition switch denied 91% of the claims filed.

The team handling the fund established by General Motors completed processing the more than 4,300 claims submitted, denying 91% of them.

GM recalled nearly 2.6 million small cars last year due to a faulty ignition switch. The switch allowed the ignition to move from the “on” to the “accessories” position, cutting the power to the car’s power steering and airbag.

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Led by Kenneth Feinberg, the attorney who oversaw similar funds for BP, 9/11 victims and other events, the fund approved 399 of the 4,343 claims filed and rejected 3,944. (more…)

GM Recalls More than 520,000 Malibus, Trucks

Seat belt and seat frame issues mandate maker’s action.

by on May.13, 2015

GM is recalling nearly 470,000 2011 and 2012 Chevrolet Malibus for a seat belt problem.

General Motors is recalling more than 520,000 Malibus, Chevy Colorados and GMC Canyon midsize pickup trucks for seat belt and seat frame problems. The two problems have resulted in one injury.

The automaker is recalling 468,887 Malibu sedans from 2011 and 2012 because the steel cables linked to the front seat belts can weaken due to the movement of passengers in those seats. Ultimately, the problem can cause the belts to fail, which resulted in one injury and 36 warranty claims.

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Dealers will replace a mounting bracket and inspect the cable and replace it if needed. All repairs will be done free of charge. (more…)

Lawyers Line Up GM Execs for Ignition Switch Depositions

Lead attorney for national case waiting for cover-up documents.

by on Mar.20, 2015

GM CEO Mary Barra will be the final executive deposed in a national lawsuit against the automaker due to faulty ignition switches.

The saga that is General Motors and its faulty ignition switches is getting ready to ramp up as a Texas lawyer will begin deposing 35 GM executives, including CEO Mary Barra, in May.

Texas-based lawyer Robert Hilliard who was appointed by Federal Judge Jesse Furman as the co-lead counsel for the national GM ignition switch litigation, which may be the largest single product liability case in U.S. history, is kicking off his depositions next month.

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He’ll begin with Alicia Boler-Davis on May 6 and conclude with Barra on Oct. 8. GM has declined to comment on the case. Hilliard’s case may be bolstered by the automaker’s recent settlement with the family of Brooke Melton, the 29-year-old nurse who died in 2010 while driving one of GM’s vehicles equipped with one of the faulty switches. (more…)

Recall Parade Marches On with GM, Chrysler

Makers announce actions on more than 425K vehicles.

by on Sep.22, 2014

The Cadillac XTS is part of a larger recall including Chevrolet Impalas for a parking brake problem.

General Motors and Chrysler recalled more than 425,000 vehicles for brake and fuel pump issues. The latest round pushes the number of recalled vehicles in the U.S. well past the 40-million mark.

GM called back 221,558 Chevy Impalas and Cadillac XTS cars from the 2013-2015 model years for a defect in the parking brake that could cause a fire. The vast majority – 205,309 – were recalled in the U.S. with the remainder in Canada and other countries.

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The brake’s indicator light sometimes fails to illuminate while the brake is not fully retracted. (more…)

GM Tracking to Meet Recalled Ignition Repair Target

Delphi to have 2 million kits ready by end of August.

by on Jul.18, 2014

GM has replaced nearly 500,000 faulty ignitions switches and Delphi has produced 1 million kits to do the repair.

Delphi Corp. CEO Rodney O’Neal told a senate subcommittee that the supplier has produced 1 million replacement ignition switch repair kits for the 2.6 million vehicles recalled by General Motors.

He testified that Delphi has three production lines currently manufacturing the kits and added the company will produce 2 million by the end of August.

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GM’s senior leaders have maintained for months now that the company expects to meet the October deadline for repairing the more than 2.5 million vehicles it recalled due to a faulty ignition switch. (more…)

Six New Recalls at GM – All-Time Record for US Industry

Latest problems involve 7.6 mil vehicles sold in the States, most for ignition key issues.

by on Jun.30, 2014

The 2014 Cadillac CTS is just one of 7.6 million vehicles named in a recall by General Motors today.

Hours after the details of a new victims’ compensation program was announced for those killed or injured as a result of an ignition switch defect, General Motors has revealed it will stage another six separate recalls covering 7.6 million vehicles sold in the U.S.

That move not only brings to nearly 26 million the number of GM vehicles recalled since just the beginning of the year, but also brings to nearly 39 million the overall tally of vehicles recalled by all automakers operating in the U.S. this year, exceeding the previous annual record by almost 15% – and in just six months.

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The vast majority – nearly 7.4 million of the vehicles covered by the latest GM recall blitz involve what the automaker describes as “unintended ignition key rotation,” a problem in which a driver can inadvertently nudge the key or key ring and turn the car off. If that happens, it will likely lose its power brake and steering assist while the airbags would be disabled. GM says it knows of seven crashes, eight injuries and three fatalities related to the latest recalls, all in vehicles with the ignition key problem. (more…)

GM Asks Bankruptcy Court to Dismiss Non-Injury Lawsuits

Maker wants to end litigation solely for monetary damages.

by on Apr.22, 2014

GM asked Judge Robert Gerber to dismiss several lawsuits against the automaker related to the faulty ignition switch recall of 2.6 million vehicles.

General Motors asked a New York bankruptcy judge to dismiss the growing number of lawsuits asking for monetary compensation for simply owning any of the vehicles involved in the faulty ignition switch recall.

The automaker noted in its motion that it’s not asking the court to address litigation involving “an accident or incident causing personal injury, loss of life or property damage.” It simply wants the Judge Robert Gerber to dismiss lawsuits filed asking for money for driving the vehicles. According to GM, there are more than 50 lawsuits against the company.

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“As your honor may be aware, numerous lawsuits have been filed across the country against New GM,” according to documents. “New GM believes that the ignition switch actions assert claims against new GM that are ‘retained liabilities’ of Old GM and therefore violate your honor’s July 5, 2009 order.” (more…)

GM Adds Nearly 1 Million More Cars to Recall List

Good ignitions switches replaced with faulty ones.

by on Mar.28, 2014

GM expanded its ignition switch recall today to include another 970,000 vehicles.

After further investigation, General Motors added another 970,000 vehicles to its faulty ignition switch recall as 90,000 cars may have had good switches replaced with faulty ones.

The recall impacts all versions of the 2008-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, Saturn Sky, Saturn Ion, Pontiac Solstice and Pontiac G5. It also includes the 2008-2011 Chevy HHR. According to GM, the recall impacts 824,000 cars in the U.S., 132,000 in Canada, 5,700 in Mexico and 9,000 in other parts of the world.

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The recall initially included versions of those vehicles from 2003-2007. (more…)