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Bob Lutz Tries Retirement, Says No Thanks

Celebrated auto exec picks up yet another advisory role, his third

by on Sep.28, 2011

Alan Perriton, Bob Lutz, Kraig Higginson pose in front of VIA's Extended-Range Electric Truck

Maximum Bob is back. Again. Someone should talk to him about the definition of “retirement.”

Just weeks after General Motors announced that former Vice Chairman Bob Lutz was coming back as a consultant, VIA Motors, a Utah startup, has announced that Lutz would join the company as a consultant. Lutz also serves as an advisor to Lotus.

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VIA plans to convert existing pickup trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles into extended-range electric vehicles similar in concept to the Chevrolet Volt.

Lutz, 79, is coming on board to help raise capital for the venture and help establish partnerships with automakers, according to David West, VIA’s chief marketing officer, Automotive News reported.


Lutz Isn’t Leaving

But he’s not going to just be GM’s mascot, vice chairman says.

by on Dec.17, 2009

"Why stop?" askes 77-year-old Bob Lutz, who has signed on for another stint with General Motors, this time running the automaker's marketing operations.  But he cautions he has just six months to prove he's up to that task.

Unless the Board shows him the door - or his health fails, Lutz has no plans to retire soon. Just don't call the 77-year old GM's mascot.

Reports of Bob Lutz’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.  Just ask the septuagenarian General Motors vice chairman.

It’s been a chaotic month at GM, with a CEO fired, a new Buick boss quitting after just eight days, and enough other personnel changes to require a scorecard to keep up.  When Vice Chairman Bob Lutz was stripped of his duties as marketing czar, two weeks ago, many observers were ready to bet that the former Marine pilot would be the next out the door.

They would have bet wrong, said Lutz, who turned out for a Wednesday night preview of new Chevrolet products.

“I’m happy as a clam,” the 77-year-old Swiss-born Lutz proclaimed while leaning against the next-generation Chevy Malibu.

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“If left to me, as long as I have the energy, as long as I have my health, as long as I have my the drive and ability to contribute,” he asserted, “I’ll stay.  If not, I’ll retire.”  Of course, Lutz quickly added, “I serve at the will of the Board,” and, in particular, the will of GM’s determined new Chairman and Acting CEO Ed Whitacre, Jr.


Lutz is Back at GM

"Maximum Bob" reportedly to serve as product specialist.

by on Jul.09, 2009

Old soldiers don't day, or even fade away. At least not "Maximum Bob" Lutz, who's signed on for another tour of duty with the "new" General Motors.

Old soldiers don't die, or even fade away. At least not "Maximum Bob" Lutz, who's signed on for another tour of duty with the "new" General Motors.

With General Motors set to emerge from bankruptcy, Friday, barely six weeks after filing for Chapter 11 protection, a familiar name also is set to return to the company: Bob Lutz.

Sources tell that “Maximum Bob” will take on a new role as special advisor to the company, reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer Fritz Henderson.  In February, the 77-year-old former Marine pilot announced he would relinquish his post as Vice Chairman, and then fully retire from his duties as product development chief at year’s end.

In recent weeks, Lutz had been steadily phasing down his role, spending less and less time at the automaker’s Warren, Michigan technical center, or at GM corporate headquarters, in downtown Detroit.  How much more time he will now be putting in remains to be seen.  His return will formally be announced by Henderson, during ceremonies marking the creation of the “new” GM, on Friday morning.

Stay up on the latest GM news...and more!

Stay up on the latest GM news...and more!

Lutz is expected to serve in a broad advisory capacity, but will not directly reassume his product development portfolio, which was handed over to GM veteran Tom Stephens.