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General Motors Adding 1,200 Jobs at Detroit Plant

New employees nearly doubles plant's workforce.

by on Oct.22, 2015

GM is adding 1,200 new jobs to its Detroit-Hamtramck facility where it builds the Chevy Volt and the coming Cadillac CT6.

This story has been updated to reflect new information on the negotiations with GM.

General Motors plans to add a second shift at its Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant early next years as it adds production of new Cadillac CT6, the new flagship of the Cadillac Division’s product line.

The addition of 1,200 jobs on a second-shift will nearly double its workforce at the Poletown plant, which now builds several products critical to GM such as the Chevrolet Volt, Impala and Malibu and Cadillac ELR on a single production line. Production of the new Cadillac CT6 is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2016.

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The announcement of the addition of the second shift also comes as the United Auto Workers said it will focus on its negotiations with GM next. (more…)

GM CEO Akerson Rejects Repaying Government for Losses

“The die was cast,” said executive.

by on Dec.17, 2013

GM CEO Dan Akerson said the government took the same risks as other investors.

Soon-to-retire General Motors Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson has said thanks, but no thanks, to suggestions the now-profitable automaker should pay back the roughly $10 billion the U.S. Treasury is believed to have lost on its 2009 bailout of the then-bankrupt automaker.

Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Akerson told his audience that the government took a risk like any other investor – including those wiped out when GM filed for Chapter 11 protection.  And, the CEO stressed, the bailout was far less expensive than the tens of billions of dollars in lost taxes and other revenues that would have been lost if GM had gone out of business.

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“I would not accept the premise that this was a bad deal,” said Akerson, who plans to retire on January 15, when his protégé Mary Barra becomes the first woman CEO at a major auto manufacturer. “The die was cast” when the government decided to take shares rather than make its investment in the form of a loan, Akerson emphasized.


GM Investing $1.3 Billion at Five U.S. Plants

Move means 1,000 jobs, better quality and logistics.

by on Dec.16, 2013

General Motors announced nearly $1.3 billion in equipment upgrades at five U.S. plants.

The good news for U.S. manufacturing continued today with the announcement that General Motors plans to invest nearly $1.3 billion in five U.S. plants creating or saving 1,000 jobs.

The announcement comes just days after cross-town rival Ford Motor Co. announced it would add 5,000 jobs in the U.S. in 2014, part of a global expansion program. Detroit-based automakers, collectively, have added tens of thousands of jobs since emerging from the most recent recession and a period during which they slashed employment and closed scores of plant.

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“GM is committed to a strong American manufacturing base and creating jobs in dozens of communities throughout the country,” said GM Executive Vice President and North America President Mark Reuss in a statement. (more…)

GM Bailout Saved 1.2 Mil Jobs, According to New Report

Feds to sell off last stake by month’s end.

by on Dec.09, 2013

Bailout "put food on the table for 10s of 1,000s," says GM Pres. Mark Reuss.

The federal government bailout of General Motors spared at least 1.2 million U.S. jobs, according to a new report – and even though taxpayers will lose more than $9 billion on the rescue effort, that was more than offset by nearly $40 billion in additional taxes generated in just the year the government pulled the beleaguered automaker out of bankruptcy in 2009.

The white House has been rapidly selling off its final shares in what critics have called “Government Motors,” and expects to be completely out of the automotive business by the end of this month.  The most recent Washington forecast indicated taxpayers could lose $9.7 billion on the bailout, though the rapid run-up in GM stock this past month could trim that loss, analysts note.

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“Any complete cost-benefit assessment of the federal assistance to GM in its restructuring must consider the total net returns to the public investment,” declared authors Sean McAlinden and Debra Maranger Menk, in the study, “The Effect on the U.S. Economy of the Successful Restructuring of General Motors,” released today by the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Center for Automotive Research, or CAR.


GM Hiring 1,000 for Phoenix “Innovation Center”

Going the Google model.

by on Mar.07, 2013

GM is already staffing up three other "Innovation Centers," like this one in Austin, Texas.

The ongoing search for high-tech talent, which is critical for an era in which cars will serve as mobile hot spots, talk to one another and drive themselves, has led General Motors to Arizona.

GM said it plans to hire 1,000 high-tech employees to staff an Information Technology Innovation Center Chander, Ariz., a suburb of Phoenix, over the next three to five years.

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Over the past year, GM has announced similar moves for innovation centers in Austin, Texas; Roswell, Georgia; and Warren, Michigan, as the centerpieces of a strategy to bring high-value IT work in-house to support the business transformation underway.

The new GM policy announced last spring reversed more than three decades of outsourcing where IT work was routinely handed over to outside suppliers such as EDS and HP.


GM Adding Another 3,000 Workers

Follows decision to in-source IT work.

by on Oct.19, 2012

GM is rapidly expanding its IT base.

General Motors will hire 3,000 new workers to man its expanded, in-house information technology operations, a move that follows its decision to stop using outside contractors, such as HP, for much of the work.

Most, if not all, of the new hires will, in fact, be recruited from the team that had been handling GM’s IT work at Hewlett-Packard, the maker revealed. The maker says it plans to now handle 90% of such technology efforts in-house in a bid to speed up the development process while also reducing costs and potential overlap between suppliers.

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Like most automakers, GM is betting that its future success will depend heavily on digital technology – from the software used to develop its new products to the in-car infotainment systems consumers increasingly demand.


Help Wanted: Automakers Can’t Fill All the Jobs

U.S. auto industry on a hiring binge and struggling to find necessary workers.

by on Apr.03, 2012

Automakers can't meet demand for all their open jobs.

The jobs were there, more than 1,000, according to the Engineering Society of Detroit, with everyone from the Detroit automakers to Korea’s Hyundai looking to hire.  What, or more precisely, who weren’t there were the job-seekers.

March was another good month for the U.S. auto industry, which is expected to report another month of double-digit, year-over-year sales gains today.  After years, of cutting back production – closing dozens of plants and eliminating an estimated 88,000 jobs during the Great Recession – that means automakers are racing to build back up production capacity.  They’re also looking to fill empty slots in design, engineering and other departments cut to the bone during the industry’s worst downturn in decades.

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Detroit makers alone have created 10s of thousands of jobs since hitting bottom in 2009 with the bankruptcy of Chrysler and General Motors.  And their foreign-owned rivals are also putting out the “Help Wanted” signs.  Volkswagen is already planning a second round of hiring at its new assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  BMW is expanding at its factory in South Carolina.  Hyundai’s Alabama assembly line needs more help to meet booming demand.


GM Plans New Texas Stamping Plant

Another boost for auto industry employment rebound.

by on Feb.03, 2012

The Lexington plant produces a variety of large SUVs, including the Cadillac Escalade.

General Motors has just added to a string of new investments in the U.S. by announcing plans to start construction next week on a $200 million stamping facility next to the company’s assembly plant in Arlington, Texas between Dallas and Fort Worth.

GM and the United Auto Workers Union said the move will create approximately 180 new jobs – that announcement following word this week that manufacturers including Chrysler, Honda and Volkswagen will be adding nearly 2,000 jobs of their own (For that story, Click Here.).

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The new GM stamping plant will produce major components for the next generation of full-size Chevrolet Tahoes, Suburbans, GMC Yukons and Cadillac Escalades. GM did not provide a target date for completion of the plant but it appears the maker hopes to have the building complete and the presses installed by the end of next year, meaning the updated versions of the Suburban and Escalade could appear in 2014.


GM Could Cut More White-Collar Jobs

Maker wants to match margins of rivals like Ford, Hyundai.

by on Dec.29, 2011

GM's goal of boosting margins could mean significant white-collar job cuts.

Like a late-to-the-party Grinch, General Motors could sap some of the holiday cheer from its white-collar workforce.  Frustrated that it isn’t generating the sort of profit margins seen at some of its key competitors, GM is looking at ways to boost its efficiency – which could mean more cuts in its salaried staff.

That’s one of the possibilities under study by the Miami-based management consulting firm Hackett Group, which GM has hired to explore its options, reports the Bloomberg News Service.

For the first three quarters of 2011, GM delivered a 5% operating margin, compared with 6.7% at Ford Motor Co., 7.7% at Volkswagen and 10% for Hyundai.  As part of his Power 88 Plan, announced earlier this year, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn declared a goal of boosting the Japanese maker’s margins to 8% — along with an 8% global market share target.

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A GM official would not provide details of GM’s strategy to boost margins, nor even confirm Hackett’s hiring but did acknowledge to Bloomberg’s Dave Welch that under CEO Dan Akerson, “We are streamlining our business, looking for efficiencies,” adding “there will be some headcount reductions” on a global basis.


GM Investing $65 Mil to Boost 4-Cylinder Engine Production

Fuel prices driving shift in buyer demand.

by on Jun.20, 2011

General Motors Tonawanda Powertrain employee Tim Battaglia works on an Ecotec I-4 engine.

Rising fuel prices have triggered a marked shift in what motorists are buying these days, especially when it comes to engine choices – and that has prompted General Motors to invest more than $65 million in plants in New York and Tennessee to expand production of the Ecotec four-cylinder engines used in Chevrolet’s most fuel-efficient cars and crossovers.

While GM has continued offering 6-cylinder powertrains on many models, rising demand for four-cylinder designs is leading to aggressive shifts in both vehicle design and production plans.  Some mainstream makers, such as Hyundai, are all but abandoning sixes in midsize and smaller offerings.

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“GM is committed to investing in manufacturing and jobs in the U.S.,” said Cathy Clegg,GM’s vice president of labor relations during an announcement at the maker’s Tonawanda plant, in New York. “These investments in powertrain manufacturing technology will help us meet the growing needs of our customers for high quality, fuel efficient vehicles – both today and in the future.”