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General Motors Catches Break in New Ignition Ruling

Judge says expert testimony cannot be used.

by on Dec.28, 2017

GM caught a break in a new ruling about litigation related to its faulty ignition switches.

General Motors Co. may have just gotten a significant break related to private lawsuits filed about its faulty ignition switches on thousands of its small vehicles courtesy of a new ruling from the district court judge handling the lawsuits.

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman in Manhattan said the plaintiffs in two bellwether cases, according to Reuters, where airbags deployed may not use expert testimony corroborating a theory how the defective switches were involved in crashes.

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Some of the lawsuits allege that the switches, which account for 124 deaths and hundreds of injuries, could have moved from the “run” position to the “accessory” position and then back to “run” allowing the airbags to deploy, but too late to be effective. (more…)

GM Settles Final Two Bellwether Cases

Automaker still has more ignition-related problems to solve.

by on Sep.06, 2016

GM settled the final two of six bellwether cases designed to set the pattern for future settlements related to the maker's faulty ignition switches.

General Motors Co. agreed to settlements in the final two ignition-switch cases slated for trial in a New York federal court this year. Terms of the settlements were not disclosed.

The settlements move GM closer to putting to rest a significant portion the claims that followed the use of a defective ignition switch that GM installed in more than 2.6 million vehicles resulting in 84 separate recalls.

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The cases were the final two among a half dozen “bellwether” trials aimed at setting patterns for a larger group of personal injury and wrongful death suits. GM recalled the vehicles with faulty ignition switches in early 2014 after it was proven that jostling the switches could turn off engines and safety features including power steering, power brakes and airbags, creating a substantial hazard for drivers and passengers. (more…)

“New” GM Scores Small Court Victory

Judge claims car owners can't sue for lost value.

by on Jul.18, 2016

GM scored a small victory in court today when a judge dismissed a large chunk of potential claims against the automaker related to its faulty ignitions.

A New York federal judge dismissed a portion of the claims lodged by a proposed class of car owners within the General Motors Co. – “New” GM – ignition switch multi-district litigation, saying they exaggerated their claim.

The group argues the automaker’s alleged cover-up of dozens of defects devalued their vehicles, suggesting the damages run as high as $10 billion, but in a ruling certain to be appealed, a federal district judge in Manhattan has ruled the drivers’ “unprecedented” damages theory was flawed.

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The plaintiffs’ pursuit of damages based purely on perceived harm to GM’s brand following more than 70 recalls in 2014 was “unprecedented and unsound,” U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman wrote in his opinion, adding to the complex legal thicket surrounding the ignition switch controversy. (more…)

GM Fund Finds Switches Caused 124 Deaths

Feinberg processes last of claims filed.

by on Aug.12, 2015

GM victims' fund czar Kenneth Feinberg approved payouts for 124 death claims.

The fund established by General Motors to compensate the victims killed or injured in vehicles with the maker’s faulty ignition switch will pay claims to 398 people or their families.

GM ordered the recall of nearly 2.6 million small cars in 2014 equipped with the switches after it was determined that they could slip into the “accessory” position while the vehicle was in motion, cutting power to the steering and airbags.

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As a result, the fund determined there were 124 deaths and 274 injuries attributable to the switch. GM initially said there were just 13 deaths related to the switches. Death benefit claims begin at $1 million and rise depending upon a variety of factors. (more…)