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Chevy Volt Battery Workers Vote To Join UAW

But “second-tier” employees to get reduced wages, benefits.

by on Oct.18, 2010

Whitacre addresses the gathering after the first Chevrolet Volt battery came off the line at the GM Brownstown Battery plant in Brownstown Township, Michigan Thursday, January 7, 2010. The facility is the first lithium ion battery pack manufacturing plant in the U.S. operated by a major automaker. X10SN_SN011 (Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors) (01/07/2010)

GM Chairman and former CEO Ed Whitacre at the launch of battery production, last January, at the Brownstown Twp. plant.

With General Motors moving closer to the launch of its new Chevrolet Volt, workers at the the company’s new battery plant outside Detroit have opted to become members of the United Auto Workers.
Officials from both the UAW and GM said workers at the battery plant have voted to join the union via a “card-check” vote under a procedure approved by the company and the union during contract negotiations in 2007.

In recent months, UAW militants had criticized the union for allowing the plant to operate without union representation.

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The card-check procedure, by eliminating the need for an election supervised by the National Labor Relations Board, makes it easier for the union to sign up new members. It also requires GM not to resist the UAW’s unionization drives among production workers.