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GM Licenses Technology to Extend Battery Range

Developed by Argonne National Lab, material could reduce “range anxiety.”

by on Jan.07, 2011

The new technology from the Argonne National Lab could squeeze more range out of a Chevy Volt battery pack, like this one.

The roll-out of electric vehicles is likely to be a slow one, most experts agree, because of the high cost, limited range and long charging times required by even the most advanced lithium-ion batteries.

But the Chicago-based Argonne National Laboratory has apparently come up with technology that could address at least two of those problems – and General Motors has just licensed the new material for use in battery-based vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt.

If the technology lives up to expectations, it should permit GM engineers to address so-called “range anxiety” by squeezing more miles out of a battery between charges.  The Argonne-developed material also allows batteries to be charged at higher voltages, which could reduce the time needed between charges.