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General Electric’s Immelt Pans U.S. Trade Philosophy as Our Wealth Vanishes Overseas

"We have already lost our leadership in many growth industries and other new opportunities are at risk."

by on Jun.30, 2009

Michigan joins the global team: The new center will include a GE research and development facility that will be part of GE’s Global Research network, which includes 2,800 researchers in Niskayuna, New York; Bangalore, India; Shanghai, China; and Munich, Germany, which is pictured above.

The new GE center will include a GE research and development facility that will be part of GE’s Global Research network, which includes 2,800 researchers in Niskayuna, New York; Bangalore, India; Shanghai, China; and Munich, Germany.

For the last three decades, General Electric has been considered the fount of wisdom in industrial America, although its fabled financial performance has been revealed as an insurance based scam, which allowed it to boost and smooth earnings. GE has also been a noted training ground for the top executives at other companies and a source of endless fascination for pundits and business professors.

People might not listen quite as attentively to Jeffrey Immelt as his fabled predecessor, Jack Welch, but when he showed up in Michigan to announce plans for a new research center near Detroit people did sit up and take notice.

This isn’t a run of the mill technical center staffed with a dozen engineers and couple of IT guys. GE plans to hire 1,100 right at the start for the $100 million project. The company thinks it can grow from there. Most of the new hires will be engineers and PhDs in technical fields, Immelt suggested. In fact, Michigan’s politicians couldn’t believe what they were hearing. “This could have gone anywhere they could have put this in Beijing or Bangalore,” noted Wayne County executive Robert Ficano.

Taxpayers of Michigan are are providing more than $60 million in incentives over the next 12 years to support the center.

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Work at the center will focus on development of composites, machining, inspection, casting and coating technologies for GE’s Aviation and Energy businesses, said Immelt. 

“The scientists, engineers and technologists that will work and learn at this center will help GE develop innovative new software, processes and technologies to make our manufacturing businesses even more productive and competitive,” Immelt said.


General Electric Moves In To Support A123

Cash and research expertise are available for expansion.

by on Apr.14, 2009

Electric car vaporware moves a byte closer to reality.

Chrysler's electric car vaporware moves a byte closer toward production reality.

Less than a week after announcing that it would supply the lithium ion batteries for Chrysler LLC’s electric vehicles, A123 Systems has obtained a $69 million investment from General Electric to expand research centers in the states of Massachusetts and Michigan.

The money will also help develop A123′s efforts to move into other business areas such as the smart grid and utility-scale energy storage, said Mark Little, GE’s Senior Vice President and Director GE Global Research. Little will join A123′s board of directors.

It also puts GE’s clout behind Chrysler’s claims that it is on the verge of producing electric vehicles. Chrysler has until the end of the month to produce a plan for the company’s future that would include a merger with the Italian-carmaker Fiat and necessary bridge loans from the US government.

Chrysler also has to work out a deal with creditors that put up the money for Cerberus bid for Chrysler in 2007.

Beyond providing capital, GE, through GE Global Research, provides system design expertise and supported A123′s stationary power product development for electric grid applications, and help to design battery system components for A123′ automotive programs.

“The advanced battery market is at a tipping point, and our support of A123 marks the application of GE’s resources at the right time to capture leadership in an essential new field,” said Little. “Our resources, engineering and R&D capabilities will have the potential to play an important role as A123 scales up its operations at this critical juncture. I look forward to joining A123′s Board of Directors and working closely with the company’s experienced team.” (more…)