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Hyundai Proffers $1.49 Gas Guarantee

Automaker aims to overcome concerns about rising prices.

by on Jun.30, 2009

Hyundai will let buyers gas up at $1.49 a gallon under its latest incentive program.

Hyundai will let buyers gas up at $1.49 a gallon under its latest sales incentive program.

Hoping to overcome mounting concerns about rising fuel prices, Hyundai has introduced a new incentive program that will let owners buy gas at $1.49 for a full year.

Dubbed the “Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock” program, it’s the second marketing campaign the Korean carmaker has launched, this year, aiming to overcome fears about the economy and, in particular, fuel prices.  Last January, the automaker announced another “Assurance” program that would, under specified conditions, allow a buyer to return a Hyundai vehicle, without penalty, if they lost their job.

The program, which covers all Hyundai products except the new Genesis coupe and sedan and one version of the Accent, provides eligible owners with a card that sets the price of regular fuel at $1.49.  Motorists can upgrade to mid-grade gas at $1.64, or premium at $1.79.

Act Now!

Act Now!

“We’ve extended Hyundai Assurance to cover gas prices just as peak summer demand traditionally strains budgets further,” said Hyundai Motor America Vice President Joel Ewanick, in a statement.