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Student Designers Aim to Reinvent the Wheel

Tomorrow’s stylists asked to “lightweight with passion.”

by on Dec.04, 2012

One of the winners from the 24th annual Michelin Design Challenge.

Short of having four wheels, tomorrow’s automobiles may look very different from those of today as automakers adapt to a variety of challenges like fuel economy and safety regulations, overcrowded highways and other concerns.

So why not let the designers of tomorrow see what concepts they can come up with? That’s the premise behind the Michelin Challenge Design competition which turned to students at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, one of the fertile sources for some of the best stylists in the industry today.

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Now in its 24th year, the theme for the latest design competition was “Half! Lightweight with Passion,” putting the emphasis on slicing the weight of a typical vehicle without having to sacrifice room, comfort, safety and other factors. As might be expected, considering Michelin’s sponsorship, students were asked to come up with some interesting ways to advance tire and wheel technology as part of the process.


First Look: GM EN-V 2.0

An electric rickshaw?

by on Apr.25, 2012

A rendering of the second-generation networked vehicle, GM's EN-V 2.0.

It looks more like an electric rickshaw than a conventional automobile – which may be one reason why General Motors chose to unveil its second-generation “Electric Networked Vehicle” at Auto China 2012.

But the little 2-seater points to the future of transportation, rather than the past, according to Kevin Wales, the president of the GM China Group, who called EN-V 2.0 “a more practical design” than the quirky little runabout the maker originally introduce in Shanghai two years ago.

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The first, pod-like EN-V might have looked like a concoction whipped up for a sci-fi adventure film but it was deadly serious and aimed at solving some of the most pressing problems facing automotive manufacturers, regulators and motorists alike: the need to eliminate automotive emissions, reduce energy consumption and minimize traffic snarls, especially in car-choked cities like Beijing or Shanghai.


Student Designers Look to the Future

Michelin Challenge Design winners focus on Mexico City’s problems.

by on Dec.06, 2011

Students were asked to come up with a design that would help make the automobile viable in mid-century.

Is there a place in tomorrow’s world for the automobile? Perhaps no place is the answer more uncertain than crowded, smog-choked Mexico City, which is precisely the challenge faced by student designers participating in the 2011 Michelin Challenge Design competition.

The project asked the students to come up with vehicular solutions that could make it possible for the automobile to be part of the solution, rather than the problem.

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“Through this competition, we can explore the vision these future designers have of the industry and where mobility solutions are going. Today we join the CCS faculty and our panel of judges to celebrate the work, ideas and vision demonstrated by this talented group of designers,” John Moloney, vice president of original equipment marketing, Michelin North and South America, as the winners of the program were announced.