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Silverado Roll Out On Track

GM focuses on phased transition to 2014 model.

by on May.10, 2013

The transition to the 2014 Chevy Silverado is moving rapidly with new models shipping in a few weeks.

General Motors’ big switch is in full swing as it brings out its new family of Chevrolet pickup trucks.

The GM assembly plant in Silao, Mexico, is already building the 2014 Silverado Crew Cab, and should begin shipping them in next few weeks, GM executives said this week.

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“We’re putting them through some extra quality gates to make sure they’re ready,” said Chris Perry, GM vice president of Chevrolet Marketing, adding the Silverado accounted for 24.3% of Chevrolet’s sales in the U.S. last year.


Nissan Still Hoping to Link With Chrysler on Pickups

But the Japanese automaker is looking at other alternatives.

by on Aug.06, 2009

A Dodge Ram-based replacement is still the preferred post-bankruptcy choice.

A Dodge Ram-based replacement is still preferred.

A senior Nissan Motor Company official says the Japanese maker is still open to partnering with the post-bankruptcy Chrysler on its next-generation Titan pickup, but is looking at other alternatives if that alliance doesn’t materialize.

Nissan launched its full-size truck to much acclaim, six years ago, but sales have never lived up to expectations, and with the need to update the offering, the company had hoped to reduce development and production costs by partnering with Chrysler on a new version of Titan that would be based upon the American maker’s big Dodge Ram. With sales of just over 10,000 Titans to date in 2009, or off 50%, the program volumes are challenging.

Though that deal appeared to be sealed, everything was put back up in the air by Chrysler’s forced bankruptcy, earlier in the year. The automaker has re-emerged under the control of Italy’s Fiat, but Larry Dominique, who oversees truck operations for Nissan, in the U.S., told TheDetroitBureau there has been no answer from Chrysler yet as to whether it will want to move ahead on the Ram-Titan project.

That appears to reflect what other industry sources have observed, that the Fiat-dominated Chrysler is in the midst of turmoil, as its new Italian masters shake up the organization. A number of Chrysler executives have left the company and others are being repositioned, but for the moment, it’s not completely clear who is in charge of what.