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Gas Prices Remain on Downward Track for 2016

Lack of demand and plenty of supply equates to low prices in foreseeable future.

by on Dec.29, 2015

Gas prices are expected to continue falling into the new year as demand remains low.

The big bust in gasoline prices that saved American motorists an average of $500 each during 2015, shows every sign of continuing into the New Year as gasoline prices sit at their lowest point since the great recession.

Drivers paid the lowest averages for the Christmas holiday since 2009, and pump prices continue to hover around the $2 benchmark. Retail averages have fallen for 45 of the past 52 days, according to AAA. Despite prices moving higher by fractions of a penny on the week, the average price of $1.999 is the lowest for this date since the Great Recession.

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Monthly and yearly discounts persist, and consumers are saving five cents per gallon versus one month ago, and 30 cents per gallon versus this same date last year. (more…)

OPEC Ensures Fuel Prices to Remain Low

Production levels remain unchanged, pushing down price at pump.

by on Dec.02, 2014

Gas prices aren't going to drop to levels when you got it out of this pump, but they're expected to hit five-year lows.

The price of gasoline is expected to drift lower in the wake of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) decision to maintain production at its current level. Not only are prices expected to remain low, the decision could have far-reaching effects around the world.

In fact, the OPEC decision on Thanksgiving Day could lower the price of gasoline throughout 2014 and into 2016, if OPEC doesn’t reverse course and the lower prices don’t undercut the drilling boom in the U.S.

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It also could become a challenge for carmakers, which are facing pressure to boost fuel economy of all new vehicles and possibly a global recession from what has become a reverse oil shock. (more…)