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Stop/Start Technology to Become Industry Norm by 2022

Fuel-saving system to be offered on 55 million vehicles annually, says new study.

by on Dec.30, 2013

Stop/Start is now offered on a growing range of products, from mainstream models like the Ford Fusion to high-end models like the Porsche Panamera.

You come to a stoplight and as you put your foot on the brake pedal you might notice the car just got a little bit quieter.  What you likely won’t notice until it’s time to fill up again is that it’s also a bit more fuel-efficient.

Credit a new technology called Stop/Start which automatically shuts off a vehicle’s engine rather than wasting gas idling at a light or, say, on a fast food line. Originally developed for use in hybrid vehicles, the concept is rapidly being rolled out on everything from minicars to high-performance luxury vehicles and, according to a new survey, will likely become the norm, rather than the exception, over the next decade.

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“The challenge for automakers is to get the biggest efficiency benefits from the smallest cost increment,” explains David Alexander, senior analyst with Navigant Research.

The consultancy is forecasting that the number of vehicles equipped with Stop/Start technology will grow from 8.8 million to 55.4 million worldwide by 2022.  Based on industry estimates, that would account for more than half of all vehicles produced that year.


Consumers Willing to Spend on Advanced Automotive Technology

Strong interest in tech for fuel economy, connectivity – and autonomous driving.

by on Apr.26, 2013

Consumers want a growing number of high-tech systems that include autonomous driving technologies.

Interest in the latest in advanced automotive technology is growing but consumers are put off by the high cost of many of the latest features, a new study indicates.

A solid majority of vehicle owners say they interested in technology related to fuel economy, device/application linking for smart phones, wireless connectivity, natural language voice activation and a variety of infotainment features in their next vehicle, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2013 U.S. Automotive Emerging Technologies Study.

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Of the 22 technology features included in the 2013 J.D. Power study, fuel economy indicator and active shutter grille vents –both energy-related technologies – showed the highest level of interest from vehicle owners.