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Despite Concerns, Ford Says Launch of All-Aluminum F-150 Pickup is on Track

Key analyst expects slow changeover, low margins, other problems.

by on Jun.24, 2014

The launch of the 2015 Ford F-150 is "going well," insists President of the Americas Joe Hinrichs.

With the formal sales launch of Ford’s new, aluminum-bodied F-150 pickup approaching fast, there are new concerns being raised about the ground-breaking project and its potential impact on the maker if the market’s best-selling truck runs into unexpected glitches.

A new report from Morgan Stanley echoes worries raised by other analysts who question whether Ford will get the 2015 F-150 right immediately out of the box. Morgan Stanley’s summary cautions there could be a “near-term negative surprise.”

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But don’t tell that to Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s President of the America, who contends “the launch is going well, adding that, “Everything is on schedule and everything is going as planned.”  Hinrichs dismissed the new report during a meeting with reporters at Ford’s Product Development Center in Dearborn, Michigan on Tuesday, adding that, “I’m very confident in this vehicle.” (more…)

A Little Slowdown Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing, Suggests Ford’s Hinrichs

Americas chief says it helps keep capacity and demand in line – and maintains discipline.

by on Oct.16, 2013

Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of the Americas, said the recent slowdown in sales may have been a good thing for automakers.

Whether you call it a statistical fluke or not, September saw U.S. car sales slow down a bit, and there are some signs that October could come in weak, as well, as a result of the government shutdown and deficit battle.  But at least one senior industry executive isn’t entirely upset.

The unexpectedly strong pace of the U.S. auto industry’s growth during the first eight months of the year threatened to stretch capacity to the limits, says Joe Hinrichs, Ford Motor Co.’s President of the Americas. Worse, it could encourage “certain behaviors” that nearly drove Ford into bankruptcy much like cross-town rivals General Motors and Chrysler.

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In a wide-ranging interview with, Hinrichs acknowledges that “Our competitors and we all thought September would be stronger than it was,” car sales declining 4.2% for the month, the first time volume had dipped on a year-over-year basis in 27 months. (more…)