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Toyota Recalls 1.6 Mil Vehicles With Takata Airbags a Second Time

Affected vehicles may still be unsafe.

by on Nov.25, 2015

The latest recall covers, among its 22 models, an older version of the Toyota Corolla.

Concluding the vehicles may still be unsafe, Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 1.6 million vehicles equipped with Takata airbags that had been involved in an earlier recall.

The move echoes what happened at Nissan Motor Co. where a passenger was injured when a Takata airbag deployed improperly in a crash. That vehicle had also been involved in an earlier recall. There have been no reports of injuries involving the Toyota vehicles.

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The new Toyota recall covers 22 different models, including the popular Corolla, sold in Japan, as well as several European markets. No vehicles in the U.S. are involved in the new service action, though Takata airbags have so far led to the recall of nearly 20 million vehicles sold in the States.


Ford Makes Moves to Improve Safety: Recalls 425K, Cuts Takata

Japanese supplier suffers another blow with maker's departure.

by on Nov.23, 2015

Ford is recalling 425,000 Ford Fusions and Mercury Milans from 2010 and 2011 due to a fuel tank issue.

Ford is facing two safety issues and dealing with one by fixing the problem and the other by eliminating the source: Takata.

The automaker is recalling about 450,000 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan from the 2010 and 2011 model years due to a fuel tank issue.

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Some of the vehicles may have a canister purge valve that does not work correctly. The problem can lead to internal pressure changes that could lead to a crack, leaked fuel and a possibly a fire if that fuel meets an ignition source. Thus far, the maker is unaware of any accidents, injuries or fires due to the problem. (more…)

Feds Will Force Takata, Makers to Expand Airbag Recall

NHTSA preparing court case if companies decline request.

by on Dec.16, 2014

Takata's Hiroshi Shimizu said the company does not feel it's appropriate to expand the recall of its airbags.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to try to reassert itself as the nation’s safety watchdog by announcing its working on building a case it can use in court against Takata Corp. and three automaker to compel them to expand the existing regional airbag recall to a national action.

David Freidman, NHTSA’s deputy administrator, said today the agency is pressuring the Japanese supplier as well as Ford, Chrysler and BMW to enlarge the recall, which would add another 5 million vehicles to action. Currently, there are just under 8 million.

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Regulators will take the companies to court, if necessary, to compel them to take those steps, Friedman told reporters, adding the agency is reviewing tens of thousands of pages to develop “an airtight case” to present in federal court if the makers don’t comply voluntarily. (more…)

Ford Wants Drivers to Turn Less and Move More

Adaptive steering makes driving easier at all speeds.

by on May.30, 2014

Ford's new "adaptive steering" module, which was developed with Takata, will be available next year on certain models.

Ford is readying a new technology developed in concert with one of its suppliers designed to make vehicles easier to maneuver at low speeds and in tight spaces while making vehicles more agile at higher speeds.

Called “Adaptive Steering,” it changes the ratio between the number of times the driver turns the steering wheel and how much the front wheels turn. Normally, it’s a fixed ratio so regardless of how fast the car is moving, the driver is going to get the same result.

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Big turns require multiple spins of the wheel for tasks like parking or moving around objects in a parking lot, whereas at highways speeds, only slight movement of the wheel is required to adjust the turn. (more…)