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Ford’s Low Share Price Frustrates Shareholders and Execs

CEO Fields takes heat as stock, earnings, sales tumble.

by on May.12, 2017

CEO Mark Fields has tried to shift Ford's direction - but investors want quicker results.

Amidst signs of turmoil within the company, Ford’s top executives faced some sharp questions from shareholders during the first every “virtual annual” meeting.

“You both say that your main priority is to provide long-term shareholder value,” one shareholder asked. “Losing 40% of the value since Mark (Fields) took over as CEO doesn’t seem to be upholding that pledge.”

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In response, William Clay Ford Jr., Ford’s executive chairman and the great grandson of the company’s founder, said that the company’s stock price matters both to the Ford family and Ford’s top management. However, he added, Wall Street has historically undervalued automakers, even when they are earning substantial profits.


Ford Shareholders Thank Mulally at Annual Meeting

Family retains special class of voting stock.

by on May.08, 2014

Outgoing CEO Alan Mulally, left, and Chairman Bill Ford Jr. answer questions during this year's share holder meeting in Delaware.

Just after announcing a $1.8 billion share repurchase plan, Ford Motor Co. held its 59th annual shareholders meeting, which quickly became an Alan Mulally lovefest.

The meeting, held in Wilmington, Del., began with a video memorial to William Clay Ford, gave shareholders a chance to express their thanks to Mulally, who is retiring in July. He joined the automaker in 2006 after leaving Boeing.

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Plain-spoken and earnest, he led the company’s effort to take out what he called the biggest home equity loan in history to bolster the company against a coming recession. The effort worked and the automaker did not enter bankruptcy as General Motors and Chrysler did: a point of significant pride for many Ford employees. (more…)

Ford Doubling Quarterly Dividend

Maker hopes to improve share price, debt rating.

by on Jan.10, 2013

Ford is shining a little brighter in investors' eyes.

Ford Motor Co. will take another critical step in its recovery by doubling its shareholder dividend, the maker today announced.  Stockholders of record on January 30, 2013 will receive a 10-cent payout.

The move comes as the maker prepares to announce strong earnings for the final quarter of 2012 – and as its profit margin climbs to an all-time record level. Ford officials are clearly hoping to give a much-needed boost to the company’s stock price, which only recently began gaining momentum after more than a year in the doldrums.

The move also reflects growing optimism among analysts and ratings agencies, several of which recently bumped Ford debt up to investment grade after a decade in junk bond territory.

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“Our ability to double our dividend in one year is a testament to our One Ford plan, which has enabled us to maintain a solid balance sheet, while at the same time growing our business to provide our shareholders with more return on their investments,” said Bob Shanks, chief financial officer, Ford Motor Company.