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Spy Shots: Ford Galaxy Van

Coming to America?

by on Jan.02, 2013

Car Spy Jim Dunne nabbed this image of a Ford Galaxy minivan testing in Detroit.

Ford is developing a new design and probably engine installation for the next version of its European Galaxy van – or so one would conclude from these shots of a prototype under test at Ford’s home base in Dearborn.

The unanswered question is whether a U.S. version of the Galaxy might be in the works.  The maker has been out of the American minivan market since abandoning the largely unnoticed Ford Freestar in 2007. It has since tried to find alternative paths to potential minivan buyers with “people-movers” like the big Ford Flex, the smaller C-Max and an assortment of crossovers.

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One look tells the story of the prototype Galaxy’s front end. Despite the heavy camo, it carries an all-new appearance, with a strong block-shape grille opening in place of the current oval. The higher hood line may have two purposes – house a taller, turbocharged (or V6 ?) engine, and change the Galaxy’s appearance to that of a small SUV from the minivan shape it now displays. Those front-hinged rear doors clearly identify – to American shoppers – this vehicle as a small SUV.


First Look: 2013 Ford Flex

Redesign maintains focus on functionality.

by on Nov.08, 2011

Ford will show the updated 2013 Flex at the upcoming L.A. Auto Show.

“I just couldn’t warm up to the Flex until I actually drove it,” said Jan Queen, a suburban Detroit media executive, echoing the opinion of many motorists when it comes to Ford’s big people mover.  The exterior styling, as designers like to say, is “polarizing,” though it has generated plenty of kudos for its interior functionality and flexibility.

Now, Ford is hoping to win more bravos for design, as well, with an updated version of the Flex ready to take its bows at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month.

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The 2013 update will feature some modest styling changes but put the emphasis on performance, fuel economy, comfort and functionality.

As with the first-generation, the 2013 Ford Flex eschews the bulbous curves of the classic minivan in favor of a more retro-modern two-box design.  The exterior updates are relatively modest, the most notable being the more machine-like grille, with a billet-sized bar stretching across the grille and anchoring newly-updated projector-style headlamps.


Ford Planning C-Max Hybrid

Maker will offer 5 hybrids in Europe by 2013.

by on May.10, 2010

Ford will add two hybrid versions of the C-Max people mover, shown here at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ford will launch a hybrid version of its C-Max people mover in 2013, making it the first of five hybrids the automaker plans to offer in Europe.

Two separate battery-based versions of the C-Max will be offered: a full hybrid, capable of running for just brief distances on electric power alone, and a plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle, or PHEV, that will be able to make longer runs on battery power.

The $410 million project will be based at Ford’s Valencia plant, and is getting off the ground with the assistance of grants from both the Spanish government and Valencia regional authorities.

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The C-Max is being updated for the 2011 model-year and will be offered in five and seven-seat versions – though the hybrids will use only the smaller configuration.  Along with the two electric drivelines, Ford offers the people mover with several gasoline and diesel powertrains, as well.