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Ford Mustang Top Seller in Germany

Pony car leads the sports car herd as maker’s European sales rebound.

by on Apr.08, 2016

Ford's plans to make the Mustang a global seller are working in Germany as it was the top selling sports coupe there in March.

The home of the Nurburging has fallen in love with the latest edition of the Ford Mustang. It was Germany’s top-selling sports coupe last month.

Ford sold 780 Mustangs in Germany in March outpacing what most people would likely assume to be the leader the Porsche 911 at 752 units and the Audi TT at 708 cars.

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“Germans have fallen in love with the Mustang. Driving a Mustang GT on the Autobahn is a one of a kind experience for people who love cars,” said Wolfgang Kopplin, managing director, Ford Germany. (more…)

Mustang Gallops Off to Good Start Overseas

European buyers seeing red...though Chinese fans also like white.

by on Mar.12, 2015

A Chinese print ad announces the official arrival of the 2015 Mustang to Ford showrooms there.

Barely two months after loading the first of the new 2015 Mustangs onto a ship for the journey to Asia, Ford Motor Co. claims the pony car is in full gallop overseas.

Though Ford has always had a few small foreign markets for Mustang, with grey market imports available in others, this year, with the launch of the 50th anniversary model, marks the first time Mustang has officially gone global.

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And initial indications are positive. Even as U.S. sales climbed 32% last month compared to February 2014, Ford claims folks have visited the Mustang page on its European website, while nearly 1.1 million put together their dream version on the site’s vehicle configurator. In China, meanwhile, more than 18,000 potential buyers have already signed up for a test drive.


Overseas Markets Clamoring for New Mustang, Ford Officials Claim

Strong demand could see addition of third shift at Flat Rock plant.

by on Aug.29, 2014

Ford President of the Americas Joe Hinrichs poses with the first of the 2015 Mustangs off the line.

The first of the new 2015 Ford Mustangs rolled off the assembly line this week, and though the new pony car won’t go on sale in Europe or Asia until next year, overseas dealers have already snapped up their allocation of the sixth-generation Mustangs, according to Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s President of The Americas.

The Mustang has traditionally been a car for North America, but it has nonetheless developed a loyal following in markets around the world, with a number of dealers trading in so-called “gray market” exports. That strong following convinced Ford it could start marketing the newly redesigned coupe and convertible pony cars globally.

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“We’re not yet (officially) taking orders in other parts of the world yet because we’re going to start here in North America filling up the pipeline. But we’re seeing very strong demand” in Asia and Europe, Hinrichs told reporters after the ceremony marking the official launch of production of the sixth-generation Mustang, which is being prepared for sales in 120 countries.


Mustang Galloping into Europe

But European hot-hatch Fiesta ST likely heading to U.S.

by on Sep.06, 2012

There's been plenty of guessing about what the next-generation Mustang will look like, but Ford has confirmed the iconic pony car will soon be introduced into Europe.

Ford has big plans for its little pony car as it gets set to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

“Mustang, the American icon, is coming to Europe,” Ford CEO Alan Mulally announced during a major product preview in Amsterdam on Thursday.

The event was notably short on details about the Mustang’s migration to Europe. Indeed, Ford has been unexpectedly tight-lipped about its plans to celebrate the pony car’s golden anniversary, though it has confirmed a major remake of the Mustang is in the works and it is widely anticipated that its launch will coincide with the planned 2014 celebration.

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Traditionally, Mustang has been one of the most classically American models in the global Ford line-up – along with the maker’s full-size F-Series models.  The muscle car is only offered in a handful of other markets, curiously including Vietnam and the Philippines, as well as parts of the Middle East.