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Ford Set to Double Mexican Production

New plant could handle planned “Prius-fighter.”

by on Feb.08, 2016

Ford CEO Mark Fields is trying to find ways to reduce production costs of small cars and upcoming battery-electric models.

Ford Motor Co. will more than double production in Mexico, according to several reports, by both adding a new plant and increasing production in the Latin American nation.

The maker reportedly expects to put the focus on hybrids and smaller cars that are hard to economically justify building in the U.S. market. That includes the Ford Focus and C-Max models currently being produced at a suburban Detroit plant. But could also include a planned “Prius-fighter” meant to take on the popular Toyota hybrid.

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Ford had earlier indicated plans to shift production of the Focus and C-Max but declined to comment on the latest reports about Mexico.


Is Donald Trump Pressing for Cut in US Autoworkers to Make Minimum Wage?

GOP candidate presses Ford to move production from Michigan – just not to Mexico.

by on Aug.13, 2015

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would tax each Ford vehicle imported from Mexico.

Despite yesterday’s news that Ford has brought production of its biggest pickups back from Mexico to the U.S., GOP candidate Donald Trump is continuing to threaten the Detroit maker over its plans to set up a new assembly plant south of the border.

But his alternative solution could create some serious issues of its own, perhaps breaking the union representing Ford’s American autoworkers and forcing assembly line employees to accept lower wages in order to compete with more poorly paid workers in Mexico.

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“We’ve got to keep (factories) here. It’s not that hard to do,” Trump told the Detroit News in a 15-minute interview. By allowing manufacturing jobs to move out of the U.S., “pretty soon all we’re going to have is nursing home jobs,” he added. (more…)