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Toyota Snags Two More Sales Records

Corolla again dominates global sales.

by on Jan.25, 2016

Toyota completely redesigned the Corolla in 2014, aiming to shed its plain vanilla image.

While it has yet to release its final, 2015 results, Toyota is expected to retain its crown as the world’s best-selling automaker, a lead it has held since 2012. But the Japanese automaker has two other victories it can celebrate.

The Toyota Corolla was yet again the world’s best-selling vehicle in 2015, with buyers snapping up 1,339,024 of the compact model. That’s up 4.7% for the year, with the Corolla accounting for a whopping 1.5% of the global new vehicle market. It also marks the highest sales for any single vehicle in automotive history, according to tracking service Focus2Move.

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Despite the headaches it suffered as a result of the revelation last September that it had cheated on diesel emissions tests, Volkswagen managed to nudge its way into second place with the compact Golf line delivering a hefty 8.4% jump in sales for the year, at 1,041,279 vehicles sold worldwide.


Ford, Toyota Continue Scrap over Small Car Sales

Japanese maker claims victory by just 906 Corollas.

by on Apr.15, 2014

Toyota is claiming the Corolla was the best-selling nameplate in the world in 2013.

The Battle of Worldwide Budget Sales continued today. Less than a week after Ford touted the Focus as the world’s best-selling nameplate, Toyota is saying not so fast.

The debate over the best-selling car in the world has gone back and for between Ford and Toyota for a few years now with Toyota claiming the Corolla has been the top dog. However, Ford has countered that Toyota pads its numbers with variants of the Corolla that really bear little resemblance to the maker’s entry-level model.

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However, this year may be different. (more…)

Ford Declares Focus World’s #1 Nameplate

Toyota may again dispute claims, however.

by on Jan.27, 2014

Ford contends Focus widened its lead over the Toyota Corolla - a claim the Japanese maker disputes.

The Ford Focus is again the world’s best-selling nameplate, according to the Detroit maker, widening its lead over long-time global leader Toyota Corolla as sales of Ford’s compact model surged 16% last year.

But it remains to be seen whether Ford’s claim will go unchallenged. Toyota has repeatedly complained that its sales were being significantly undercounted and contends that the Corolla remained the best-seller in 2012.  It may make a similar counter-claiming for 2013.

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If anything, Ford contends the gap widened by 75,000 units between the Focus and Corolla last year, however, in large part due to growing demand in China where the Ford Focus is now ranked the best-selling passenger car nameplate. Worldwide, buyers registered 856,587 Ford Focus models during the first nine months of 2013, up 16.1%, according to data from global vehicle tracking firm R.L. Polk.


Ford Focus Expected to Be #1 Best-Seller for 2012

Maker expects U.S. sales to top 2.2 million.

by on Dec.31, 2012

The Ford Focus appears to have toppled the long-running global best-seller, the Toyota Corolla.

Ford Motor Co. expects to sell 2.2 million Ford brand vehicles in the U.S. when sales numbers are totaled for 2012. It will make this the second straight year Ford has topped the 2 million mark. Ford is also the only automotive brand to top 2 million U.S. sales since 2007 – and the only auto brand expected to surpass that mark in America this year.

In addition, the Ford Focus is expected to remain the best-selling global vehicle nameplate, based on the latest available R.L. Polk new vehicle registration data through September, toppling long-time sales king the Toyota Corolla.  Meanwhile, the Ford Fiesta is on track to be the best-selling global B-car.

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Ford is also the only automaker with three vehicle nameplates in the global top 10 – Focus at number 1, F-Series at number 4 and Fiesta at number 5 – based on the latest available Polk new vehicle registration data.

That would position Ford as the leader – if year-end data holds course – in two of the global market’s most critical segments. And the B- and C-car segments are posting significant growth in the U.S., as well.


We’re #1 – But Who Cares?

Does being the best-seller really matter?

by on Sep.04, 2012

Does being one really give an advantage to a vehicle like the Ford Focus -- the ST-R shown here?

Barring a sudden setback, Ford’s Focus will end the year as the world’s best-selling automobile, toppling perennial sales leader Toyota Corolla.  However, Toyota is now on track to take back the global sales crown from General Motors to become the world’s top-selling automotive manufacturer.  And, in the U.S., BMW and Mercedes-Benz are in a costly battle to see who will land on top in the world’s largest luxury market.

As anyone who has gone to a sporting event knows, people like winners.  And just like sports teams, most companies like to win – which is why it’s not unusual to see a maker like Mercedes, BMW, Ford or Toyota pull out all the stops when it comes to landing on top of the sales heap.

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But does that really matter?  For all the crowing in the executive suites – as well as the TV spots that tout a brand’s or a nameplate’s victory, does being number one have any real impact on the bottom line?