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GM Hustling to Get First All-Electric Car on Road in China

Government accelerating EV mandates causing automakers to hurry.

by on Apr.21, 2017

Matt Tsien, who heads up GM China, said the company will have an all-electric vehicle on Chinese roads within two years.

General Motors will have a pure electric vehicle on the road in China within two years and eight more will follow by 2020. The automaker is jump starting its efforts to keep pace with the Chinese government’s accelerating demand for EVs.

Matt Tsien, head of GM China, unveiled the plan during a press conference at the Shanghai auto show. He said GM expects annual sales of 150,000 electric and hybrid cars in China by 2020 and possibly in excess of 500,000 by 2025.

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“In the next several years, out to 2020, we expect to launch at least 10 new energy vehicles into the marketplace,” said Tsien, using the government’s term for electric and hybrid vehicles. “We have a pipeline that is going to materialize, that’s going to put us in a very good position from a fuel economy requirement perspective.” (more…)

Ford May Build Battery Cars in China

Maker may also add Lincoln to its Chinese line-up.

by on Sep.26, 2011

Ford may produce battery cars, like the C-Max Energi plug-in, in China, suggests CEO Alan Mulally.

Ford Motor Co. may try to tap into the potentially huge market for electric vehicles in China, echoing the strategy of its rival General Motors.

Ford has already committed to producing at least five battery-electric vehicles, like the Ford Focus Electric, and plug-in hybrids, like the C-Max Energi, for the U.S. and Europe.  But some analysts believe the market for battery cars could be even bigger in China as the Asian nation takes steps to reduce pollution and minimize its dependence upon foreign oil.

Building vehicles in China would sidestep hefty import duties and qualify Ford for significant incentives the Beijing government has authorized for domestically-produced battery cars.

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“As we move to more electrification, you’re going to see more hybrids, plug-in hybrids and all-electric” cars,” Ford CEO Alan Mulally said during an interview with Bloomberg TV during a visit to Chongqing, China to mark the groundbreaking of the automaker’s new transmission plant.