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Ford Planning to “Go Further” with New Global Ad Campaign

Maker intent on “myth-busting.”

by on May.14, 2012

Ford's global marketing czar Jim Farley.

It’s time to do some “myth-busting,” says Ford Motor Co.’s global marketing chief, and the maker is counting on a new global ad campaign, dubbed “Go Further,” to get its message out to potential customers who have long ignored the brand – whether in Boston, Berlin or Beijing.

Replacing the old “Drive One” effort, the unusual new campaign — which downplays the Ford name to lure consumers in for a closer look — will be the largest in the maker’s history, with spending “on a car launch level” even when promoting the overall brand, noted marketing czar Jim Farley during a Monday news conference.

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The goal, added another Ford executive, is to use “every channel” available, from traditional print and television advertising to the latest in social media channels, to reach an otherwise over-saturated market.

And preliminary results suggest the Go Further campaign, launched late last month, is already paying off, generating tremendous follow-through by motorists along the import-oriented coasts.  Ford spots on outlets like have been watched or downloaded more than 3.4 million times, said the executive, on a par with what the best ads to run on the Super Bowl might normally generate.


Ford, Renault, Vauxhall Pull Ads From Paper Accused of Hacking Murdered Girl’s V-Mail

News of the World already in trouble for hacking royalty, politicians, celebrities and victims of London bombings.

by on Jul.06, 2011

Murdoch's News of the World is accused of hacking Milly Dowler's v-mail after she was kidnapped and, it turns out, murdered.

Ford Motor Co. was one of the first companies to yank its ads from the popular News of the World following revelations of a deepening phone hacking scandal involving the London tabloid.

The newspaper, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., was already following revelations its employees had hacked into the cellphone voicemail accounts of a number of celebrities, as well as aides to members of the British royal family and government.  But the issue landed on the front page when a competing paper published reports that News of the World had gotten into the voicemail of a teenage girl who was abducted and murdered in 2002.

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“If (the allegations) are true, this is a truly dreadful act and a truly dreadful situation,” declared British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Conservative PM found himself in a particularly awkward situation as he is a close friend to Rebekah Brooks, the editor of News of the World in 2002 and the target of those demanding she resign because she ran the publication when Milly Dowler disappeared while walking home from school.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia

Ford sets retail ad benchmark, our columnist contends.

by on Apr.08, 2011

Ford’s New ‘Swap Your Ride’ Ad Campaign Sets Retail Benchmark

Ford brings back its effective Swap Your Ride ad campaign.

For almost as long as auto manufacturers have sold to and through local dealers there have been significant differences of opinion – also known as shouting arguments — as to what makes a good dealer or dealer group ad, especially in television, the primary ad medium. And it escalates in intensity prior to the vital spring sales selling period.

Dealers usually want big prices, special deals, their name really big, on-camera appearances, lots of gags, gimmicks and goofy set-ups featuring clowns, dogs, loud suits, whining salespeople and of course shopping hours, convenient terms, special financing and so on. The usual statement to factory and agency reps is, “We know our market a helluva lot better than you fancy-pants do in (insert city name)!

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The factory suits, most who have never sold a car on a showroom floor — combined with sartorially challenged agency “creative” and producers who (a) usually detest doing anything retail and (b) if they’re made to, want pretty brand-building commercials which include sunrise or sunset  beauty shots, running footage in scenic areas, especially California, celebrity actors and/or voiceovers, mind numbing computer generated images, special music, shooting in film not tape and absolutely no mention of the dealers who sell the vehicle. Result? Good looking, non-selling commercials that look really good on personal reels. But retail sales results are dubious.


Kia Planning Record Spending On Advertising

Ford also ramping up marketing efforts for big launch of new 2011 Explorer.

by on Dec.09, 2010

The writing's on the wall - and plenty of other places as Kia gets ready to launch the 2011 Optima.

Fast-growing Kia is planning to spend a record amount on advertising as it moves forward with plans to expand its market share.

The first phase of the campaign begins with the launch of the 2011 Kia Optima – and includes  the largest campaign in Kia Motors America’s history.  It will start this weekend with a made-for-cinema 60-second spot, which will run at movie theaters nationwide.  Titled “Sweet Dreams,” the ad is based on the premise that “nobody ever dreamt of driving a midsize sedan. . . until now.”

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“Consumers told us that traditional midsize sedan offerings were missing the excitement and fun found in other segments, but the Optima is the latest result of our design-led transformation,” said Michael Sprague, vice president, marketing & communications, KMA.  “It breaks from tradition by combining dynamic styling with powerful and fuel-efficient performance and has the high levels of quality and safety consumers have come to expect from Kia.”