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Superstorm Sandy Claimed as Many as 200,000 Cars

Most must be replaced.

by on Nov.08, 2012

More than 320 Fisker Karmas were lost at this NJ port, including over a dozen that burned when saltwater shorted their batteries.

A handful of images underscore the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy: collapsed homes on Staten Island, a ruined roller coaster on the Seaside Heights, NH boardwalk now sitting in the ocean waves – and cars floating out of flooded Manhattan garages.

A preliminary estimate by the National Automobile Dealers Association suggests that as many as 200,000 vehicles may have been damaged by the storm, though that figure could run higher as insurance adjusters and other experts tally things up.

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While it is possible that some of those vehicles will be salvageable, a disproportionate number will likely have to be scrapped, however, due to not only the immediate damages but potential for long-term problems with vehicles that have been immersed in saltwater.


Second Fisker Goes Up in Flames

Maker claims battery not responsible.

by on Aug.14, 2012

A Fisker Karma damaged by a fire in Northern California. Photo courtesy

Even as an earlier fire remains under investigation a second Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid has been involved in a serious fire – though the maker contends the latest blaze was not caused by the vehicle’s battery.

The latest fire effectively destroyed a Fisker Karma parked outside in Woodside, California last Friday.  The owner was approaching the vehicle after shopping for groceries when he discovered the blaze, according to a report on

Following the news of a fire involving a Fisker Karma that destroyed the plug-in and several others in a Texas garage, earlier this year, industry analysts question the potential impact on sales by the California-based automotive start-up.

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It could also blunt the maker’s efforts to raise the capital it needs to offset the loss of a federal loan.  Earlier this year, Fisker announced it would be forced to delay by at least a year the launch of its second product line, the smaller Fisker Atlantic – which is expected to generate significantly greater sales than the $103,000 Karma.


NHTSA Weighing in on Fisker Karma Fire

Plenty of finger-pointing but still no clear cause.

by on May.22, 2012

The Karma might look light and nimble but weighs nearly 5,300 pounds.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the latest to wade into the debris trying to figure out the cause of a fire in a Texas garage, earlier this month, that consumed a Fisker Karma and several other luxury vehicles.

The conflagration was originally blamed by local authorities on the Fisker plug-in sports car but that initial explanation is being challenged by the carmaker – which pointedly revealed that the car’s lithium-ion battery pack was intact after the blaze.  For its part, Fisker has suggested there might even be some mischief at work, hinting that the fire might have been purposely set.

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For its part, NHTSA is simply describing the investigation as “ongoing,” and declining to join the finger-pointing.

“We are still engaged in that activity, and no determination has been made at this time,” Claude Harris, NHTSA’s director of vehicle compliance, said during an electric vehicle safety forum.


Did Fisker Karma Cause Garage Fire?

Conflicting reports on cause.

by on May.09, 2012

A Fisker Karma with company founder Henrik Fisker.

So far, the Fisker Karma hasn’t exactly set the automotive market on fire – but there are conflicting reports on the cause of a fire in a suburban Houston garage that destroyed one of the plug-in sports cars and several exotic vehicles, with one official pointing to the Karma.

The May 3 fire in Sugar Land, Texas seriously damaged a garage containing a Karma, Mercedes-Benz SUV and an Acura NSX.  While the lithium-ion battery on the Fisker appears to have been intact, the initial investigation pointed to the plug-in.

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Robert Baker, the head of the Bend County fire department’s investigating team told Auto Week magazine that he believed the Karam “was the origin of the fire, but what exactly caused that we don’t know at this time.”

The news would be a major setback for the California start-up, which has faced significant delays in its roll-out of new products, including the Karma, with its next model, the Atlantic, indefinitely delayed. Named for Danish auto designer Henrik Fisker, the firm has had a federal loan withdrawn and is racing to line up private equity to keep going.