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Despite Recent Problems, Fisker Moving Ahead

Second model, Atlantic, could begin production in early 2013.

by on Oct.02, 2012

The Fisker Atlantic could go into prototype production by early next year.

Fisker Automotive has ambitious plans to re-launch its car in Europe soon, take it to the Middle East by the end of the year and begin sales in China in early 2013.

The troubled battery-car start-up’s new chief executive officer Tony Posawatz acknowledged the company had made mistakes but dismissed a crushing review by Consumer Reports — which described the design of the Fisker Karma as flawed –and said the public’s reaction to the plug-in hybrid is what matters most.

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“Customers do like these cars,” said the former General Motors Co. executive who had been responsible for bring the Chevrolet Volt to market.

The Karma has been well received by customers, who are pleased with both its combination of bold styling, instant power, fuel economy and aura of eco-chic, he told the Automotive Press Association during a luncheon in Detroit.


Fisker Facing Investor Lawsuit

Could complicate bid to raise cash.

by on Feb.21, 2012

Fisker founder Henrik Fisker with the Karma.

With the fate of its $528 million Department of Energy loan in limbo, Fisker Automotive has been rushing to sign up new investors, reportedly already lining up $260 million during recent months. But the California start-up could be facing new problems in the form of a lawsuit by an investor accusing it of bait-and-switch tactics.

Though it’s unlikely the suit itself could bring a major new financial burden on Fisker, several observers cautioned it could create another management diversion and throw up a red flag that might scare off other potential investors.

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The timing, meanwhile, couldn’t be worse.  Fisker is finally getting to market with the much-delayed Karma plug-in hybrid sports car, but it needs additional funding to ensure that the company’s more mainstream second project, codenamed Project Nina, gets into production in 2013 – also about a year behind schedule.


First Drive: 2012 Fisker Karma

Will motorists plug into the battery sports car?

by on Feb.15, 2012

Late to market, Fisker is finally rolling out the Karma plug-in hybrid sports car.

If you want to go green expect to pay a significant penalty in terms of range, performance and price – or so goes the conventional wisdom.  But when former Aston Martin designer Henrik Fisker set out to develop the eponymous Fisker Karma, nearly four years ago, he was determined to bring a high-styled, high-performance sports car to market “that would require no trade-offs.”

After a series of setbacks and delays, the first of his plug-in hybrids are beginning to roll into showrooms in the U.S. and Europe and production is steadily ramping up, the Finnish factory now turning out as many as 25 Karma sports cars a day.  So we jumped at an offer to take one of the first of the 4-door plug-ins for a spin around Los Angeles, this week.


One thing is certain: Henrik Fisker hasn’t lost his touch as a designer.  The new Karma is as pleasant to look at, and just as sexy, as one of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models. It’s sleek and modern, with a shape that seems to be in motion even when parked.  During nearly 100 miles of driving we received frequent thumbs up from motorists pulling up alongside in everything from a beat-up Ford F-150 to a well-heeled Aston DB9 – ironically one of Fisker’s earlier projects.


With DoE Loan in Jeopardy, Fisker Preps “Plan B”

Start-up maker “confident” it can survive, thrive without government help.

by on Feb.14, 2012



Henrik Fisker with one of the first Karma plug-in hybrids. will offer the first full review of the new Fisker Karma on Wednesday. Make sure to come back.

Though California battery-car start-up Fisker Automotive continues to struggle to come up with a plan that will satisfy the Department of Energy and help it regain access to a promised, low-interest $528 million loan, Fisker’s founder said he is “confident” the company can move ahead even if it means tapping into the private equity market.

Earlier this month, Fisker revealed it would idle more than 65 workers at its suburban Los Angeles headquarters and Delaware assembly plant due to delays in the negotiations with the DoE.  But the maker countered reports that said it was halting production of its first plug-in hybrid model, the Fisker Karma.


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If anything, production is now ramping up, said the maker’s founder, Henrik Fisker, during a series of conversations that accompanied the first full media drive of the 4-seat Karma sports car. But while the Karma was designed to get Fisker  Automotive noticed, the bigger challenge will be to bring the maker’s next product, codenamed Project Nina, to market. And that is going to require significant infusions of cash, he cautioned.


Fisker Launches Surf Shooting Brake

Second plug-in hybrid aimed at boogy boarders with bucks.

by on Sep.15, 2011

Fisker's Surf offers a more functional take on the California start-up's new plug-in hybrid.

Just weeks after delivering its first plug-in hybrid to actor Leonardo Di Caprio, Fisker is ready to roll out an all-new version of its coupe-like Karma sedan.

The new Fisker Surf offers an alternate take with a distinctly European flair that some might be tempted to compare to Ferrari’s new FF shooting brake – which can be found a few stands down at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The sporty design is likely to connect with buyers on the Continent, where wagons remain extremely popular but, in fact, the name, Surf, suggests that Fisker’s design team had California in mind.  The new model is now big enough to conceal a surfboard.

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That’s good news considering one of the biggest complaints about the Karma is the lack of a useful trunk, its cargo compartment measuring a meager 7.1 cubic feet.  The Surf nearly doubles that, at 12.7 cf, and with the rear seat down it jumps to 29.0.


Karma Set to Launch, Fisker Ready to Risk Everything

Production of Karma plug-in begins this month.

by on Mar.10, 2011

Henrik Fisker at his stand in Geneva.

More than three years after announcing plans to produce a high-performance plug-in hybrid, Danish designer-cum-entrepreneur Henrik Fisker is ready to put his money – and a half billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer cash – where his mouth is.

The sleek Fisker Karma coupe officially goes into production on March 21st, after several earlier delays.  How it fares could reveal whether the automotive market is open to new players, like Fisker Automotive, ready to challenge the traditional industry order by focusing on environmentally-friendly powertrain technology.

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These days, there are dozens of automotive wannabes hoping to cash in on the green movement.  They’ve collectively raised billions from investors and entrepreneurs who believe this is the first real opening since the U.S. automotive ranks began to dwindle during the Great Depression.  And some have been able to count on the help of the federal treasury, the Obama Administration approving billions of dollars in loans and grants intended to promote electric propulsion.

The situation “is similar to 100 years ago when we moved from the horse and buggy but the choice between steam, electric and gasoline wasn’t clear yet,” suggests Fisker, who first made a name for himself as a designer of high-performance sports cars like the Aston Martin DB9.