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Fisker Reveals First Teaser of New EMotion Battery-Electric Sports Car

Priced at $130,000, EV said to deliver 400 miles range, 161 mph top speed.

by on Jun.07, 2017

Henrik Fisker said last fall he'd be back with a new EV and now the first glimpses at it are available.

There were plenty of skeptics when long-time designer and entrepreneur Henrik Fisker announced late last year that he was getting back into the automotive game with an all-new electric sports car dubbed EMotion.

It didn’t help that his prior project, the eponymous Fisker Automotive, crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. But with a first public unveiling set for August, Fisker is shoring up his promised comeback by offering the first teaser images of the EMotion, while also offering up more information about both the unusual drivetrain and the semi-autonomous technologies it will feature.

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“The new EMotion is a clean sheet design from the inside out, utilizing a carbon fiber and aluminum structure to redefine the proportions of an electric vehicle,” Fisker Inc. said in a statement accompanied  by three teaser shots. (more…)

Fisker Reveals Emotion EV and Possibly Game-Changing Tech Specs

Could ultracapacitor system obsolete battery technology?

by on Nov.01, 2016

The Fisker EMotion could be in production by some time later next year.

If at first you don’t succeed…if you’re Henrik Fisker, it seems, you try and try again.

Best known for the sleek and iconic Aston Martin DB9, Henrik Fisker has attempted to launch two car companies since going out on his own a decade ago, including the ill-fated Fisker Automotive, the Danish designer is about get back into the business with a new pure battery-electric vehicle that could go beyond just being a Tesla-fighter. If the newly released images and specs prove accurate, the Fisker Emotion could rewrite the rules for the zero-emissions segment.

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Beyond the car’s sleek design, the real breakthrough appears to be an alternative to the lithium-ion batteries used in most of today’s battery-based vehicles. Instead, the Emotion will use an ultracapacitor to store enough energy, the start-up claims, to run a “theoretical” 400 miles per charge.