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Fiat Loosens More of its Italian Ties

Sends new signals its HQ could move to Michigan.

by on May.29, 2013

Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne continues to signal a move to the US is likely.

Fiat took another step towards loosening its ties to Italy as Fiat Industrial’s board of directors met this week and approved a merger of its principal Dutch and Italian subsidiaries.

The move comes as rumors and speculation continue to mount that Fiat S,p.A. will ultimately shift its headquarters from Turin to the Detroit suburbs once the maker finalizes its acquisition of Chrysler. The fear of losing the company has led Italian government leaders to look for ways to keep Fiat from picking up and moving.

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The Fiat Industrial Board of Directors approved the cross-border merger of the wholly-owned subsidiary Fiat Netherlands Holding N.V. with Fiat Industrial S.p.A, the company said in a brief statement. The merged company is expected to reside neither in the Netherlands or Italy but in England where Fiat officials have said the company will be domiciled for tax purposes.


Fiat May Move HQ from Italy to US

Rumored move could follow Italian maker’s complete merger with Chrysler.

by on May.17, 2013

Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has some critical decisions to make in the coming months.

With Fiat SpA hoping to wrap up its takeover of Chrysler LLC sometime this year, the maker appears to be thinking over what could be an equally significant step, the possible move of its corporate headquarters from Italy to the U.S.

Marchionne recently indicated he’d like to switch from having Fiat, Italy’s largest manufacturer, listed on the Milan exchange and instead traded on the New York Stock Exchange. But several sources say the Canadian-educated executive is also giving serious thought to basing the merged automaker out Chrysler’s sprawling campus in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills.

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It would be a sharp blow for recession-plagued Italy, but perhaps no surprise despite the fact that Fiat has been headquartered in the northern industrial city of Turin since it was founded in 1899 as Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino.