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First Look: 2011 Ferrari SA Aperta

Paris preview planned.

by on Sep.24, 2010

Only 80 of the 2011 Ferrari SA Apertas will be built.

The wait is over.  Ferrari is finally lifting the covers – quite literally – off the long-anticipated 599 convertible.

Unlike the recently-launched Ferrari California, however, the Italian supercar maker is opting for a classic soft-top for the 2011 Ferrari SA Aperta that will make its formal debut, next week, at the Mondial de l’Automobile – the Paris Motor Show for the French-challenged.

The maker is calling this “the most exclusive Ferrari ever,” a bit of hyperbole if one considers some of the low-volume models to emerge from Italy over the years.  Nonetheless, you’d better get ready to plunk down your cash quick if the Aperta appeals because only 80 will ultimately roll off the maker’s lines.

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And for an estimated 400,000 Euros – to start –you will get an essentially hand-made and completely customized 2-seater with a miniscule cloth top that folds away into a cubbyhole in the trunk.