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Ferrari Gives In; Marchionne Confirms SUV is Coming

CEO also appears to dismiss sale of Jeep brand.

by on Oct.10, 2017

CEO Sergio Marchionne basically confirmed that a Ferrari sport-utility vehicle is in the works.

Even Ferrari, a brand that has long dominated on track and street with its iconic sports car, can’t seem to resist the rise of the sport-utility vehicle.

Sergio Marchionne, who heads both the Italian automaker and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, appeared to confirm that a ute is on the way for Ferrari as he spoke to reporters at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday. The sports car maker had been one of the few remaining holdouts as exotic competitors like Aston Martin and Lamborghini have begun work on SUVs of their own.

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“We’re dead serious about this,” Marchionne said during his comments, taking things a step further than he had gone during an August earnings call when he hinted a Ferrari SUV might “probably happen.” (more…)

Ferrari Makes it Official with Frankfurt Debut of New Portofino

No more California Dreaming.

by on Sep.12, 2017

The new Ferrari Portofino made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It's the replacement for the California.

The term, “entry level” can carry quite a different meaning, depending on whether you’re talking about a subcompact hatchback or a new Ferrari.

So, don’t worry about shortcuts in comfort or performance with the debut of the new 2018 Ferrari Portofino. The replacement for the outgoing California model, if anything, is a significant upgrade.

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“The object here was to come up with something that made no compromises,” said Enrico Gallieri, the exotic automaker’s chief marketing officer, as he prepared to lift the covers on the new hardtop convertible. That means, if anything, more performance as well as improved comfort. (more…)

No More California Dreaming; Portofino is New Ferrari Entry Model

Hardtop Convertible to feature 592 hp V-8.

by on Aug.23, 2017

Ferrari is ready to show off its new entry-level model, the Portofino, at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

Dreaming about getting into a Ferrari? Forget the California. The automaker is offering a new entry model, the Portofino, which will make its formal debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

Like the California, it will feature a hard convertible top that will be able to open or close while the vehicle is moving, albeit nowhere near its rated top speed of more than 200 miles per hour. And to push it to that sort of number, the Ferrari Portofino will feature a more powerful, 3.9-liter V-8 capable of punching out 592 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque.

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“The Ferrari Portofino is the new V8 GT set to dominate its segment thanks to a perfect combination of sportiness, elegance and on board comfort,” the automaker said as it announced the upcoming launch of the Portofino. (more…)

Ferrari Finds the Time to Celebrate 70th Anniversary

High-performance time piece requires a high price tag: $127K to start.

by on Mar.24, 2017

Ferrari celebrates the introduction of its new watch line commemorating the company's 70th anniversary.

Long considered one of the world’s premier automakers, Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Of course, any auto aficionado worth his or her salt is desperately searching for a way to take part in this milestone.

Naturally, the first impulse is to simply got out and buy a new Ferrari. Of course, there is that issue of what one to get: LaFerrari? California? 488 Spider? All fine choices, but even with the production increases pushed through by Sergio Marchionne, it’s unlikely you’ll get behind the wheel of a new model this year.

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The used market is always a possibility, but who wants to scour Craigslist or Autotrader for a used Ferrari. The cheapest one currently on Ebay Motors – a 1994 348 in red, of course – has a “Buy It Now” price of $64,995. (more…)

Ferrari Pushes the Ragged Edge with New 812 Superfast

New model features electric power steering: a first.

by on Mar.09, 2017

Ferrari unveiled its new 812 Superfast at the Geneva Motor Show. It includes a new "first" for the maker: electric power steering.

With Ferrari, “fast” might as well be part of the company name. Then there’s Superfast – or more precisely, the Ferrari 812 Superfast making its debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Its big V-12 capable of launching the sleek, rear-engined belle macchina from 0 to 100 kmh (62 mph) in a mere 2.9 seconds, the new model would seem to be classic Ferrari.

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But there’s just enough of a nod to broader auto industry trends that could shake up some purists: the 812 Superfast marking the first time Ferrari has ever, gasp, used electric power steering. (more…)

Ferrari Launches Limited-Edition J50

Based on 488 Spider, celebrates 50 years in Japan.

by on Dec.14, 2016

Ferrari will build just 10 J50s.

The Japanese market has been a tough one to crack for most foreign automakers. But not Ferrari. It’s had a long and successful history in the Land of the Rising Sun, and it’s ready to celebrate.

The automaker has lifted the kimono to reveal the special, limited-edition J50 convertible it has developed to mark its 50th year in the Japanese market, the mid-engine two-seater starting out as a Ferrari 488 Spider but getting some feature and performance enhancements.

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The Ferrari J50 was developed by the Italian maker’s Special Projects unit —with the help of the Ferrari Styling Center — which also came up with the 458 MM Speciale. And if you’re hoping to have something even more unique than the typical Ferrari, this might be your pick considering the plans call for the production of only 10 Ferrari J50s.


Ferrari Looking to Hybrids to Help Boost Demand

And it isn’t alone: many performance brands studying electrification options.

by on Nov.11, 2016

The LaFerrari showed that hybrid power can meet highest levels of performance Ferraristas expect.

While many folks still think of battery power as a way to create fuel-efficient, albeit boring, automobiles, Ferrari is looking at electrification as a way to boost both performance and sales.

Speaking to industry analysts following release of the company’s earnings this week, CEO Sergio Marchionne said Ferrari would like to be selling as many as 10,000 vehicles annually in the near-future. But to do that, it would probably add some sort of hybrid technology to every vehicle in the brand’s line-up by 2019.

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Ferrari has already used a Formula One-derived hybrid system for the flagship LaFerrari. And it’s not alone in looking at its battery options. Porsche has the high-performance Mission E under development, Aston Martin developing a battery-electric version of its Rapide. And there’s also the Tesla Model S with its Ludicrous mode. Even Mercedes-Benz is looking at a variety of battery-based options for its AMG line.


Ferrari Reveals Aperta, its Fastest-Ever Convertible

Aperta debuts alongside turbo V-8 Lusso.

by on Oct.03, 2016

Ferrari debuted its fastest convertible ever: the LaFerrari Aperta at this year's Paris Motor Show.

Ferrari has a pair of new offerings on display as the first consumer stream into the 2016 Mondial de l’Automobile, including the fastest-ever convertible, a ragtop version of its flagship LaFerrari.

The maker also rolled out a more affordable version of its wagon-like model, dubbed the GTC4Lusso T, a turbo V-8 replacing the original V-12 powerplant.

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The debut of the two models came as a bit of counter-programming at a Paris Motor Show that largely focused on battery-power and other green and futuristic technologies. Mercedes-Benz, for example, introduced the Generation EQ electric vehicle concept and said a production version would anchor a new sub-brand called Mercedes-EQ. (more…)

Agnelli Family Moves Headquarters Out of Italy

Elkann says company needs new location.

by on Sep.06, 2016

Exor Chairman John Elkann, right, is moving the holding company's headquarters out of Italy.

The Agnelli family, one of the leading families in the automotive industry, is moving the holding company that controls the family’s assets, including Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. and the industrial firm CNH as well as Ferrari and The Economist Group, out of Italy.

Exor, which is now headed by John Elkann, the great, great grandson of Fiat’s founder, said the move to Amsterdam will simplify the key operations since Fiat and CNH set up offices in Amsterdam when they re-organized in 2014. Exor’s holdings are valued at $10 billion.

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The Fiat portion of Fiat Chrysler will continue to be based in Turin, Italy, where the company has major factories, design centers and key administrative offices. The Chrysler portion of Fiat Chrysler is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, a suburb northwest of Detroit. (more…)

Woman Parks Her Car on Top of Ferrari 458

“The dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.”

by on Aug.09, 2016

Ouch: an old Mercedes-Benz 380SL is driven up and over the hood of a Ferrari 458.

Car shows can be great fun for both those who come to show off their hot wheels, as well as those who come to check them out.

But at least two facts left the weekly gathering in Great Falls, Virginia known as Katie’s Cars & Coffee this past weekend feeling a bit less pleased than normal. One is the owner of a new Ferrari 458, the other was driving an older Mercedes-Benz 380SL.

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The unidentified woman drive apparently had some serious challenges with parallel parking, demonstrated by backing her Mercedes roadster right up on top of the hood of the red Ferrari. Worse, she then attempted to pull off the sports car, doing even more damage.