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Woman Parks Her Car on Top of Ferrari 458

“The dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.”

by on Aug.09, 2016

Ouch: an old Mercedes-Benz 380SL is driven up and over the hood of a Ferrari 458.

Car shows can be great fun for both those who come to show off their hot wheels, as well as those who come to check them out.

But at least two facts left the weekly gathering in Great Falls, Virginia known as Katie’s Cars & Coffee this past weekend feeling a bit less pleased than normal. One is the owner of a new Ferrari 458, the other was driving an older Mercedes-Benz 380SL.

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The unidentified woman drive apparently had some serious challenges with parallel parking, demonstrated by backing her Mercedes roadster right up on top of the hood of the red Ferrari. Worse, she then attempted to pull off the sports car, doing even more damage.


Ferrari Sergio Already Sold Out

Celebrating a 60-year partnership.

by on Dec.08, 2014

From 0 to 100 kmh in 3 seconds flat.

Well, that didn’t last long.

If you were scraping together your loose change, hoping to save up enough for a new Ferrari Sergio, you’re a little too late. Even as the first of the new ultracars was delivered to a buyer in the United Arab Emirates, the rest of the limited run have already been accounted for.

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A track-ready version of the 458, the open-top two-seater was designed to honor Italian design legend Sergio Pininfarina, and celebrate his 60-year association with Ferrari.


Ferrari 458 Recalled for Faulty Trunk Release

Wealthy children will get one more safe hiding spot after fix.

by on Sep.24, 2014

The Ferrari 458 Spider as well as the 458 Italia are being recalled for faulty trunk latches.

For those who have been looking to play hide-and-seek in the trunk of pricey Italian sports cars, there is some good news if their car of choice is the Ferrari 458 Italia and 458 Spider: they’re being recalled in the U.S. because safety regulators have figured that the internal trunk releases don’t work properly.

Hiders can now get in and out of the trunk on their own.

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The 458 Italia starts at about $230,000 and the Spider at $250,000. (more…)

First Look: Ferrari 458 Speciale

Italian maker’s most powerful, naturally aspirated V-8 ever.

by on Sep.16, 2013

The new Ferrari 458 Speciale boasts the highest power ever from a V-8 at 133 hp per liter.

At a show where seemingly every manufacturer has shifted focus to green, battery-based technologies, Ferrari is putting the focus on good old muscle at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

In fact, the sleek new Ferrari 458 Speciale can boast the most powerful naturally aspirated V-8 the Italian automaker has ever offered, its 4.5-liter engine taking the 2-seater from a standing start to 60 in less than three seconds, it claims. In fact, Ferrari contends that from a horsepower-per-liter standpoint, the Speciale delivers “the highest (power) ever achieved by a road-going naturally aspirated engine” offered by any manufacturer.

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The special edition also introduces an industry-first technology that Ferrari has dubbed “slide slip angle control,” or SSC, and which uses a special computer system to achieve maximum traction even while pushing the new model to its limits.


Ferrari Readying its “Most Powerful” Model Ever

Enzo replacement to be revealed in Geneva.

by on Feb.11, 2013

Ferrari is keeping a lot under the hood of the Enzo successor, for now, including its name.

The conclave that will begin in Rome next month to select a new pope isn’t the only news out of Italy generating intense speculation.  In automotive circles, at least, the real question is what’s in store from Ferrari when it finally unveiled long-awaited replacement for the legendary Enzo supercar.

The good news for the Ferraristi is that they won’t have to wait much longer.  What the maker is promising to be its most powerful sports car ever will make its debut at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. And while there likely won’t be much white smoke from the exhaust considering the new model is promised to reduce emissions by 40%, we’re expecting plenty of tire smoke once the “HyperFerrari” is fired up.

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A Ferrari Instagram posting offers a few hints of what’s in store, the maker suggesting that, “Geneva Motor Show I am coming to take your hearts away. The Most Powerful HyperFerrari on its way to take your breath away, a hypercar which can eclipse any competition. Formula1 technology direct inhereted into this masterpiece, a car which can turn into a cornor as quick as a Formula1 car, a car packed with downforce as a real Formula1 car. #destroythecompetition #forzaferrari”


Ferrari CEO Mattiacci Named Exec of the Year

Award honors “passion, design, best-in-class technology.”

by on Feb.27, 2012

Ferrari CEO Marco Mattiacci.

The 2012 Automotive Executive of the Year Award will be presented to Marco Mattiacci, President and CEO of Ferrari North America. Mattiacci will receive the annual award at the Detroit Athletic Club in May.

“Since taking the helm of Ferrari’s North American operations, which includes North, Central, and South America, Marco Mattiacci has grown sales in these markets 20 percent. This impressive growth has allowed Ferrari to hold its top position in the ultra-exclusive, yet increasingly competitive segment of the global luxury automotive industry,” notes Robert Djurovic, executive director of the Automotive Executive of the Year Award program, and director of automotive services North America, DNV.

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“This year, the nominating committee chose to recognize Marco Mattiacci as an emerging leader whose accomplishments are impressive and worthy of recognition. Mr. Mattiacci and his team’s success in expanding the culture of one of the world’s most significant and exclusive brands is at the heart of this nomination.”


First Look: Infiniti Emerg-E

Shows battery cars can be Sex-E.

by on Feb.27, 2012

The Infiniti Emerg-E uses a mid-mounted range-extending drivetrain.

Who says battery cars have to be dull to downright boring? True, the Toyota Prius and Mitsubishi i likely won’t win design awards but the new Infiniti Emerg-E suggests that battery cars can be downright Sex-E.

The Infiniti concept is the latest in a string of concepts and production cars coming to the Geneva Motor Show next month that have already leaked out.

The luxury arm of Nissan Motor Co. has been hinting for some time that it plans to follow its bigger sibling and enter the electric vehicle market.  Exactly what role the Emerg-E will actually have in the Infiniti line-up remains to be seen but it’s certainly going to draw some attention with looks that are more than a little reminiscent of the new McLaren MP4-12C.

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But instead of a 600-horsepower small-block V-8, the Infiniti Emerg-E features a range-extended electric drivetrain.  Details are set to follow but if you look closely at the images here you’ll notice the mid-mounted gasoline engine side of that powertrain is clearly visible beneath the show car’s all-glass roof.


First Look: Ferrari 458 Spider

Maker offers a tease before Frankfurt unveiling.

by on Aug.23, 2011

The new Ferrari 458 Spider gets a folding hardtop roof.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is still nearly a month away but we’re already getting a good hint of what’s to come at the most important European car show of the new model-year – including this first look at the Ferrari 458 Spider.

As its name suggests, it’s a drop-top version of the current 458, though Ferrari has opted for a folding hardtop design, rather than conventional canvas – and, in something of a surprise the Italian supercar maker claims that strategy actually saves a full 55 pounds.  More typically, metal fold-ups, like those found on a BMW 3-Series cabriolet, are the heavier option.

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Even with the origami metal, the Spider weighs in about 100 pounds more than the conventional Ferrari 458, adding about a tenth of a second to its 0 to 100 kmh time, which remains a still-impressive 3.4 seconds.  As for top speed, the 458 Spider will hit 198 mph compared to 202 for the standard 458.


McLaren Sets $229,000 “Base” Price on MP4-12C

It’ll cost more with the 3-camera recording system, however.

by on Jan.20, 2011

Priced at $229,000: the McLaren MP4-12C.

Considering the price tag for previous models bearing the McLaren moniker, including the million-dollar F1, the British maker’s latest offering is a positive bargain, at $229,000.

Of course, you better have a bit more in your bank account if you plan to cover taxes, gas guzzler fees – and a long, long, long list of options that even includes a 3-camera in-car recording system so you can see the look of fear on your face when you miss the tight corner on track day.

Produced using carbon fiber, and weighing just 2,866 pounds, the Formula One-influenced MP4-12C will be powered by a mid-mounted3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 making 592 horsepower channeled through a 7-speed Seamless Shift dual-clutch gearbox.  A “pre-cog” system will permit the driver to pre-select the next gear, using paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, reducing gear shift times to near-instantaneous, MacLaren claims.


Preview: 2010 Bologna Motor Show

Excitement & electricity – and that’s no baloney.

by on Dec.06, 2010

The Citroen Survolt battery car, one of an assortment of debuts at this month's Bologna Motor Show.

You have to understand.  This is Italy.  This is not Paris or Frankfurt or Detroit or Chicago or LA.  This is the Bologna Motor Show, and Bologna is in the center of Italy, home to Maserati, and close to Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Ducati, to name a few.

Italy is the home of style itself, and in its way, this auto show is a style spectacular.  Every year, the show puts more than 450,000 people through the turnstiles, and more than 70,000 of them actually drive cars at the show.  It’s easy to get to, and there’s a train stop right at the show.

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Held every December in the gigantic Bologna Fiere complex, the show fills a dozen of the giant complex’s interconnected halls and features nine outdoor racing and demonstration tracks (ACI, the Italian auto club for safety training, Fiat, for the 500 TwinAir, then Renault, VW Group, VW commercial vehicles, Kia, for LPG-powered cars only, Dacia, and the Mobil 1 Arena for serious demonstration racing).  Then there’s Electric City, an electric-car-only indoor driving track, and a professional auto racing hall.