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Aptera Official Insists EV Maker Here to Stay

Downplays reports of maker’s demise.

by on Aug.16, 2011

Aptera still believes it will be able to put the 2-e into production, says a senior official, though it is counting on a federal loan.

Reports of Aptera’s demise are being greatly exaggerated, insists a senior company official – with apologies to Mark Twain.

The California-based Aptera, which has been struggling to roll out the 200 mpg 2-e battery-electric vehicle, was stung by widespread reports – including coverage on — suggesting it faced serious financial problems after an announcement it would refund more than 2,200 deposits placed by motorists interested in the three-wheeled 2-e.

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But while “It is taking longer than we’d like” to get into production, Aptera Chief Marketing Officer Marques McCammon tells that “We can get there.”  The company is determined to bring the gull-winged green machine to market.

McCammon confirms that the biggest problem is the slow pace of a review by the Department of Energy, from which Aptera hopes to secure a large – but unspecified – loan that will help it complete development of the 2-e and push it into production.  Other start-ups echo the same concerns.