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EV Makers Compete for “World’s Fastest” Title

Latest EV supercars top 200 mph.

by on Feb.27, 2017

The NextEV NIO EP9 delivers some impressive numbers both with and without a driver.

Battery-carmakers are intent on proving their products aren’t just short-range bricks. A number of new models are offering not only extended range but performance. Serious performance. And they’re laying conflicting claims for being the world’s fastest electric vehicles.

Among those in the hunt for that crown are Maryland-based Genovation Cars and Chinese-owned NextEV, as well as struggling start-up Faraday Future and, of course, Tesla. There’s even a new Croatian battery-carmaker hoping to gain high-speed bragging rights, Rimac Automobili.

Plug In!

It’s a challenge to sort through all the claims, even when limiting one’s focus to “production” EVs, suggests Andrew Saul, CEO of Genovation Cars. “There is talk and there are results,” he said in a press release pumping the East Coast maker’s new GXE model.


Tiny British EV Smashes Quarter-Mile Sprint Record

Modified '70s EV outperforms Tesla Model S, Lamborghini Aventador.

by on Jul.19, 2016

Measuring just 112 inches, nose-to-tail, the Flux Capacitor managed the 1/4 mile in 9.86 seconds.

Forget the Tesla Model S – even with its optional Ludicrous Mode. A tiny British electric city car now lays claim to being the world’s fastest, street-legal EV.

But don’t expect to go find the Enfield 8000, which has been out of production since the 1970s – and even if you do, it won’t quite match the performance of the modified model that passed through the trap clocking a record-smashing quarter-mile run of 9.86 seconds over the weekend.

Stay Charged Up!

“I’m in awe of what this little yellow thing can cope with,” said John Wayland, the anchor of the British TV show, Fifth Gear. “I set out to build a British electric hot rod. I hope I’ve achieved something leftfield enough to prove that David certainly can beat Goliath.”