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15 Minute Recharging Underway for Electric Vehicle Owners from Eaton and Murphy Oil

Inventing a new industry to address EV range anxiety.

by on Sep.24, 2010

It looks like a gas pump back there behind the Mitsubishi, but it's actually a 15-minute recharger.

The Achilles’ heal of electric vehicles is range all,  except fanatics admit, and in every problem there’s an opportunity. At least that’s the thinking behind the latest announcement from Eaton Corporation and Murphy Oil USA that starts an alliance to provide fast charging for range-challenged EVs at Murphy’s gas stations.

Oil companies have been notably silent, of course, on the potential threat that EVs, especially pure EVs, pose to their monopoly on transportation fuels. One of the reasons no doubt is how few of them there are now, and likely will be in the immediate future, given the fact that an EV leaves the driveway fully charged with about the same range as a gasoline-powered vehicle has when the gauge reads empty and the low fuel warning light is on.

The Eaton Murphy collaboration will attempt to address this “range anxiety” that electric vehicle drivers will face with from weak batteries and the limited – virtually non-existent – availability of installed and operating charging stations.

Charged Up!

After an initial test at one location in Tennessee, the home state of the 47+ mile range Nissan Leaf (allegedly, your mileage may vary), the joint venture could expand during the next three years to the more than 1,000 retail gasoline stations in 22 states that Murphy owns and operates.